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Can You Target Farm Insatiable Fury In Diablo 4?

Insatiable Fury is a unique chest piece that allows the Druid class to interact uniquely with the Werebear form.

Additionally, the unique item opens up a great build for the Druid class.

Satiable Fury allows the players to change their proper form into a Werebear. However, the unique chest piece is rare and only drops after players reach World Tier 3 or higher. 

This article will discuss what Instiable Fury is and where you can find it.

What Is Insatiable Fury In Diablo 4? 

Insatiable Fury is a unique chest piece in Diablo 4 that is specific to the Druid class. 

Furthermore, the chest piece gives the player more affixes than the typical Armor stat.

But, the main reason to obtain the unique chest piece is its unique trait. 

The unique trait of Insatiable Fury allows the Druid class to turn into a Werebear in their standard form.

This means you will always be a Werebear. 

However, whenever the Druid casts a spell that needs it to be a human, it will change them to a human for a bit to cast the spell. 

Furthermore, the unique trait increases the rank of all Werebear forms by 2. 

What Does Insatiable Fury Provide In Diablo 4? 

Insatiable Fury, by default, provides the Armor stat.

However, it is the unique affixes that it provides that make it desirable to many Druid players. 

Here is the list of stats obtainable from Insatiable Fury in Diablo 4.

  • Physical Damage
  • Overpower Damage
  • Damage Reduction
  • Armor while in Werebear form

Werebear form is now your proper form, and you gain +2 Ranks to all Werebear Skills

This unique item enhances the Druids Grizzly rage skill, which turns the Druid into a Werebear.

Furthermore, since Werebear deals physical damage, the increase in Physical damage stat can be a great addition. 

Your true form is a Werebear
Insatiable Fury changes your proper form to a Werebear.

Additionally, the Werebear form allows the Druid class to prevent any crowd control on them.

Thus, the increase in armor is an excellent addition to reducing the damage the Werebear takes in the middle of various enemies. 

Additionally, players can couple the Insatiable Fury unique chest with the Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast to significantly increase the damage dealt in Werebear form. 

Furthermore, this Aspect also increases the duration of the Werebear form by 1-5 seconds. 

Increases critical damage and grizzly rage duration
The Aspect of the rampaging beast increases your grizzly rage duration and critical strike damage.
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Can You Target Farm Insatiable Fury In Diablo 4? 

No! Players cannot target farm Insatiable Fury in Diablo 4.

However, the drop chance for the item increases significantly after players unlock World Tier 3 and World Tier 4

Helltides and Nightmare dungeons are great ways to farm unique items.

Furthermore, players can obtain the Insatiable Fury unique from these events. 

However, the item can drop from any monster in the game. 

The Bottom Line

Unique items can define your build path, especially for classes such as Druids, who heavily focus on their shapeshifting abilities or ability to control nature. 

Insatiable Fury allows the Druid class to take in more hits while dissing out significant damage.

But, the players cannot target farm the unique item. Thus, obtaining it can be a remarkable feat. 

Hopefully, this article can help you learn about the Insatiable Fury unique chest piece and its uses. 

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