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Scathing Whisper In Warframe: Silencing The Menacing Foe

The Scathing Whisper in Warframe is a challenging boss you’ll encounter during the Whispers in the Walls expansion.

However, players must learn the ways to defeat the new threat and to proceed in the game.

To defeat the Scathing Whisper in Warframe, players must actively seek it out in hidden corners of the Entrati Lab and trigger the encounter with a floating grimoire page. They must also adapt their tactics to its mimicked Warframe abilities, unleash maximum firepower in a two-phase battle, and follow waypoints to destroy grimoires and sever its connection.

Continue reading to learn more about the Scathing Whisper and defeat it in Warframe.

Scathing Whisper In Warframe

The Scathing Whisper is a mysterious and elusive opponent that mimics your Warframe’s abilities while taunting you during the battle.

When you’re on a mission or bounty involving the Scathing Whisper, actively searching for it is crucial.

You must explore less obvious areas to locate a floating grimoire page, triggering the encounter.

 the Whispers in the Walls
You will encounter the Scathing Whisper during the Whispers in the Walls expansion.

Additionally, it can use various Warframe skills, making it a versatile and formidable foe.

Both the Scathing Whisper and its counterpart, the Mocking Whisper, are optional bosses, requiring intentional pursuit.

You won’t face them unless you actively choose to seek them out.

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How To Defeat Scathing Whisper In Warframe?

Taking down the Scathing Whisper in Warframe requires a blend of smart strategy and staying alert to the game’s signals.

By following these strategies you can easily defeat the Scathing Whisper:

1. Unearthing The Echo

The Scathing Whisper hides in Entrati Lab’s concealed corners.

You should sharpen your scanner and be vigilant for floating grimoire pages i.e., fragments of shimmering lore.

Likewise, interact with these pages, a simple touch triggers a chilling dialogue.

2. Facing Your Mirror Image

The Scathing Whisper adeptly mimics your Warframe’s abilities, turning your arsenal against you.

Moreover, anticipate teleports, surprise attacks, and devastating combos that echo your own.

Stay nimble, fellow Tenno, and adjust your tactics akin to a master strategist.

3. The Dance Of Two Phases

The battle unfolds in two distinct phases, each demanding different skills:

Phase One: Unleash The Fury

This phase one centers around sheer power.

Unload your most potent weapons, unleash your deadliest combos, and demonstrate to the Whisper the genuine might of a Tenno’s fury.

Utilize your knowledge of your Warframe’s strengths to exploit its weaknesses within this echoing encounter.

Phase Two: The Hunt For The Grimoire

Just when you sense victory, the Scathing Whisper turns invulnerable.

A new waypoint emerges, guiding you to a nearby grimoire, an ancient tome fueling the Whisper’s power.

4. Breaking The Echo

You must race against time and the Scathing Whisper’s relentless pursuit.

Employ your mobility skills, Void Sling, and parkour prowess to reach the grimoire before it’s too late.

Destroy the grimoire, severing the Whisper’s connection to its power source and rendering it vulnerable once more.

5. Repeat And Rejoice

Repeat the cycle of damaging the Whisper and then destroying another grimoire until the echo finally falls, defeated by its reflection.

You need to remember that patience and adaptability are your allies.

The Scathing Whisper may mimic your skills, but your Tenno spirit and tactical flexibility are its ultimate downfall.

 get a free melee arcane
Shoot the book and get a free melee arcane.

The Bottom Line

However, some players have reported issues where the waypoint to the grimoire isn’t appearing.

It can be frustrating because it stops you from moving forward in the mission.

To deal with it, you should consider checking for updates or solutions in online forums where players talk about their experiences.

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