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Discord Event Missing Access: Causes And Fixes

The event missing access in Discord is a bug that various users face.

Furthermore, it is more prevalent among the users who are the moderators of the servers.

Discord event missing access is a bug that can be caused by security reasons, haphazard implementation of various add-ons and especially due to the developers putting out a patch with the bug.

This article discusses the event of missing access in Discord.

What Is Event Missing Access In Discord?

The event of missing access in Discord is a bug of sorts that users of the platform are currently facing.

Moreover, the issue did show itself a few years back, but it was quickly patched out, and users even found a way to go around it.

The message pops up whenever the Discord group’s owner or admin tries to create an event.

This can cause huge ramifications because certain events are there to reward the users.

Furthermore, this issue can also cause the entire community to miss an event causing them to miss out on an experience.

Thus, this issue is more severe than it looks for users who depend on these event reminders.

Discord event missing access
Event missing access prompt in Discord

Moreover, even when you give users of the community permission to create events manually, this issue still persists.

In various forums, users are also figuring out the causes and fixes to the issue.

Thus, we will look into them and look into our own reasons and fixes.

However, these fixes and reasons may not always work for everyone. Thus, it is better to contact the support team of Discord at such times.

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Reasons For Event Missing Access In Discord

The reasons for event missing access in Discord are a few.“`

Here is a list of reasons for the Discord issue:

1. Two-Factor Authentication

Most players claim that if the users with access to creating events do not have a 2FA in their accounts, it will cause the issue.

2FA is more a security-related topic; however, it seems that if the mod does not have 2FA, this issue arises.

2. Add-ons

In Discord, users tend to add various add-ons or bots to their servers. Certain bots may cause the discord servers to malfunction.

The malfunction can lead to an issue in Discord.

3. Possible Bug

Lastly, we believe it can be a bug with the application itself. There are times when certain issues randomly pop up because of bugs.

Thus, in the recent updates, some error or bug may be causing this issue.

Discord in itself is an application, thus, it can face various issues in its lifespan.

Furthermore, the developers constantly add something new or optimize already existing features.

Thus, users of the application should be patient when such issues arise.

Fixes For Event Missing Access in Discord

There are a few fixes that users can try to mitigate the issue. However, we cannot guarantee that these will always work.

Here is a list of fixes for the Discord issue:

1. Activate 2FA

Users or the server mods must activate the 2FA for their accounts.

This will enhance the account’s security and let the server know that the event posting is from a secure account.

2. Use Fewer Add-ons

There are Discord servers that use multiple add-ons. As we mentioned before, chances are the Add-ons are causing some issues.

Thus, it is better to use fewer add-ons and check whether the issue solves itself or not.

3. Contact Support

The last fix is simply contacting the support team of Discord. This will allow the developers to look into the issue as soon as possible.

Furthermore, this also means that other players will not face this issue if you report it as soon as you face it.

The fixes to any application will not always work. Sometimes, it takes the application developers to fix the issue.

The Bottom Line

Issues will always arise in any application as they are constantly developing and improving.

However, certain issues are solvable through the casual users.

But, certain issues will always require the application developers to look into it.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the event missing access in Discord.

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