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Know All About The New Discord Halloween Ringtone 2023

The New Discord Halloween Ringtone 2023 is a new addition to Discord for the festive Halloween season of 2023.

Discord is known for embracing the festive spirit yearly by introducing holiday-specific events that unite communities.

These special events foster camaraderie and bring seasonal joy to the digital realm.

For Halloween 2023, Discord has implemented an exclusive ringtone for incoming calls, which replaces the original Discord ringtone. Discord has been doing this every Halloween.

Continue reading this article to learn everything about this feature.

Features Of The New Discord Halloween Ringtone

This year’s Halloween ringtone is unique compared to previous years.

Instead of making minor sound adjustments to its original composition, it goes a step further by completely replacing the entire song.

New Discord Haloween Ringtone 2023 Featured Image
New Discord Haloween Ringtone 2023 Featured Image.

As a result, it has cultivated a joyous feeling among Discord users.

Here are all the features of the New Discord Ringtone that make it distinct:

1. A Ghoulish Groove 

The “Discord Halloween Ringtone 2023” is more than just a ringtone; it is hauntingly catchy.

Furthermore, the tune itself sets the perfect mood for the  Halloween festivities.

Although it has a fusion of disco beats and a haunting melody, it still sounds like the ringtone of an old Nokia.

Because of this reason, this ringtone sets itself apart from the previous year’s ringtones.

2. Customizable Feature

 The Discord Halloween Ringtone 2023 is easily customizable, so you can choose how you want to experience incoming calls. 

Since the new update, the new ringtone is preset as the new incoming call ringtone.

However, users can turn it off from their settings if they prefer the original ringtone.

Therefore, users can toggle between which ringtone they prefer anytime.

3. Compatibility

This new Halloween Ringtone is compatible with both PCs and Smartphones.

In fact, it is available for both Android and IOS users and even for their browser clients.

This ensures everyone can access this feature to enter the Halloween spirit. 

Thus, its versatility stands out as one of its key features.

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How Can You Listen To The Discord Halloween Ringtone

The ringtone is set as the default incoming call for the 2023 Halloween in Discord.

Just ask a friend to call you so you can listen to the new spooky ringtone.

Another to experience the New Discord Halloween Ringtone 2023 firsthand is from their official YouTube.

However, discord has uploaded a 6-hour version of this ringtone instead of the normal one.

But this explains the amount of love it receives from the Discord community.

Can You Turn Off The New Halloween Ringtone?

According to the official Discord page, users can manually turn off the New Halloween Ringtone.

This option is available for both PC and Mobile users.

For PC users, click the Settings icon next to your profile at the bottom left of the screen.

Keep scrolling until you find App Settings and click on Notifications.

Turning Discord Halloween Ringtone Off In PC
Turning Discord Halloween Ringtone Off on PC.

Then, scroll until you see the option Halloween Incoming Ring.

This option is easy to find since it includes an orange pumpkin emoji right next to it.

Untick the green bar by clicking it once to turn off the Halloween Ringtone.

This will set your default incoming call ringtone back to the original one.

For Smartphone users, this process is a bit different.

Open the Discord app and click on the User Settings Option.

Then, click on the Sounds option on the left side of your phone screen.

This will open up an additional window called Custom Sounds.

Under this window, you can see the Halloween Incoming Ring Option.

You can Toggle off this option by clicking it once.

The Bottom Line

Discord is notorious for composing new ringtones for each festive season from Christmas to Halloween.

Similarly, features like this help to create a good bond between the app and the users.

And since these ringtones are available only for a limited time, users should enjoy them while they still can.

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