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Nikon, Sony, Canon Make New Anti-Aigenerated Technology

The takeover of AI-generated images has taken over not only Asia but also the entire world.

To tackle this issue, Japanese companies like Nikon, Sony, and Canon are coming up with a technological solution.

According to Nikkei Asia, Nikon, Sony, and Canon are implementing a digital signature feature in their upcoming camera models to fight Aigenerated images. Moreover, they have also introduced a new AI verification feature.

Continue reading this article to learn about the new Anti-AIgeneratedAsia project by Nikon, Sony, and Canon.

Who Are Nikon, Sony, And Canon?

Nikon, Sony, and Canon are three Japanese technological giants that specialize mainly in Cameras.

In fact, these companies make up 90% of the global camera market by providing cameras for various price ranges.

In the professional world of photography, Japanese cameras are desired more than other brands.

Hence, News and Sports channels make use of their product to provide a consistent quality of images and videos.

These giants comfortably rule the digital photography world as no other brand even comes close to competing with them.

However, even they could not predict the advancement of AI as it has dominated even the photography world.

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Nikon, Sony, And Canon Vs Aigeneratedasia

According to Nikkei Asia, all three Japanese companies are set to take down AI from the world of photography.

Hence, they are creating a new technology in their devices that differentiates between real and AI-generated images.

an ai generated image
An AI-generated landscape image.

Now, a real image will be embedded with a digital signature that will include the following information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Name of Photographer

Additionally, they will also introduce a new web-based verification tool that can filter out AI-generated images.

This verification tool looks for a digital signature in each image and flags it with “No Content Credentials” if it is fake.

Moreover, these companies are also planning to apply this technology in videography to tackle deepfakes.

Release Dates Of Cameras By Nikon, Sony, And Canon 2024

Currently, the exact dates for the release of this new technology are not confirmed yet.

However, all the new camera models are set to release in the spring of 2024.

Firstly, Sony will release digital signatures into three professional-grade mirrorless SLR cameras via a firmware update in early Spring 2024.

Secondly, Canon is also developing a technology that adds digital signatures to video and will release it in early 2024.

 mirrorless camera by Canon
Example of a mirrorless camera by Canon. (Image Credit: Andy Westlake)

Finally, Nikon has promised to provide mirrorless cameras with authentication technology for photography professionals.

So the fans of the photography world must wait until more news about them is officially unveiled.

The Bottom Line

Ai-generated images tarnish the credibility of photography professionals by copying their style without their knowledge.

Therefore, the introduction of a digital signature is an innovative solution to tackle this issue.

Hence, Sony, Nikon, and Canon are leading horses to adapt this technology to their products.

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