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Disgaea 7 Season Pass Not Working: Easy Fixes

The Disgaea 7 season pass is not working for some reason, and players are quite upset about it. 

Furthermore, players are also making various assumptions about the game because of the lack of proper communication from the developers and the publishers. 

The season pass for Disgaea 7 is not working because of various reasons. Players speculate it is because of a bug with the game or because the season pass itself is not ready. 

This article discusses the season pass and why its not working in Disgaea 7.

What Is The Disgaea 7 Season Pass? 

Disgaea 7 is the new addition to the Disgaea series. The game contains numerous characters for players to choose from. 

Furthermore, the game features a distinct 3D art completely different from its predecessors. 

The game is available on both PC and Consoles via Steam and PS5. 

Currently, the game is selling a Season pass to its players. The season pass contains various DLCs and characters for the players to interact with. 

Furthermore, the season pass also adds bonus stories. Nine bonus stories to be precise. 

The bonus stories that players can currently interact with are: 

  • Bonus Story: The Overlord, Demon Lord, and Sheltered Girl. 
  • Bonus Story: The Hothead, Princess, and Dreamer.

After purchasing the season pass, players will unlock other perks as well.

Moreover, the season pass acts as a DLC, thus, you can get new content alongside the season pass. 

This method is quite similar to the current model of seasonal passes for many games. A great example of this similar model is Diablo 4. 

The game blends in various new contents alongside the seasonal pass.

However, in this case, the DLC is purchasable, but in Diablo, the players must purchase the pass only. 

Moreover, if you purchase the ultimate edition of Disgaea 7, players can access a total of 9 different DLCs, thus, players can look into those as well. 

But, before you head out to purchase the season pass, a  quick caution, the Disgaea 7 seasonal pass is currently facing a few issues.  

disgaea 7 season pass characters
Disgaea 7 features various characters to choose from

We will discuss these issues below. 

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Reasons For Disgaea 7 Season Pass Not Working

The reasons for the Disgaea 7 season pass not working are a bit of speculation and a few community reasons. 

Here is a list of reasons for the Disgaea 7 season pass not working: 

1. Possible bug: 

The first reason is that it is a possible bug. However, other contents within the game are working. 

Thus, players are quite upset about this. But, as mentioned before, this is a possible bug when deploying the update for the DLC. 

2. Corrupted files: 

The second reason is that the files in the game are corrupted. However, we cannot be definite about it. 

Thus, looking into your files or even checking their integrity is better. 

3. Seasonal pass not ready: 

Lastly, this reason is quite a long-shot speculation. However, some players believe that the seasonal pass is not working because it is not ready. 

Thus, the company is not allowing the players to activate it until the company polishes it enough for the players. 

These three are the few reasons we believe are causing the season pass to not work in Disgaea 7. 

However, please take these reasons with a grain of salt because there may be genuine issues with the game itself, causing the season pass not to work. 

Fixes For Disgaea 7 Season Pass Not Working

The fixes to the Disgaea 7 season pass not working are also from trial and error method and a bit of speculation. 

1. Contact customer support: 

The first thing you can do is contact customer support for the game. You can either contact the“Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.” or “NIS America, Inc.”

Contacting either of these companies will notify them about the issues, and they can patch it out as soon as possible. 

2. Verify the files: 

The second method is to verify your game files. While this may seem minuscule, verifying your game files in certain cases can fix major issues. 

3. Wait: 

Lastly, if the seasonal pass is indeed not ready, all you can do is wait for the company to make it available for the players. 

From the above fixes, we can see that the fixes are not actually clear-cut. This is mainly because the issue with the Disgaea 7 season pass not working is not precis. 

However, from the various communications from the developers and the publishers of the game, we now know that they are working on a fix for the season pass not working. 

disgaea 7 season pass not working
Disgaea 7 features distinct characters

The Bottom Line

Disgaea 7 is facing an issue on its release week. Furthermore, it is facing an issue with one of its monetization methods of the season pass. 

However, we can expect this issue to get fixed soon since many players have been posting about this issue on public forums and even mailing the game’s developers and publishers. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the issues and fixes for the Disgaea 7 season pass not working. 

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