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EHT GIB GNAK YROETH is one of the new Klues in Mk1.

Klues allow players to obtain various rewards ranging from skins to new skills.

The Klue EHT GIB GNAK YROETH in Mk1 is related to Liu Kang. Players must perform the first fatality of Liu Kang to complete the Klue. Completing the klue will allow players to obtain some currency and new skin.
This article discusses the EHT GIB GNAK YROETH Klue and how to complete it in the game.


EHT GNAK YROETH is a new klue that players will find in MK1.

Players typically find Klues during various invasion missions. Thus, players must head out and complete a few invasion missions to find this Klue.

Furthermore, EHT GNAK YROETH is a new Klue that recently debuted alongside other Klues in Season 2 of Mk1.

Thus, most players find the klues in Season 2 a bit more confusing than the first season.

Invasion missions and Klues allow players to unlock skins for their characters and sometimes even new moves for their characters.

Thus, players must put in much effort to complete the Klues.

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How To Complete EHT GIB GNAK YROETH In Mk1?

EHT GIB GNAK YROETH stands for The Big Kang Theory in Mk1.

It is a Klue that players will come across in Shang Tsung’s laboratory stage of the invasion mode.

Furthermore, most of the players are coming across this klue in the form of the “I’m Hip I’m Cool” stage of the invasion mode.

To complete this Klue, players must have Liu Kang in their team.

EHT GIB YROETH is a Klue that players will encounter in Mk1.

Then, they must proceed with the fight in the invasion mode.

At the end of the fight, players must perform the first fatality move of Liu Kang to complete the Klue.

The fight is between Liu Kang and Johnny Cage, thus, it will be a fun fight for the players.

The input for Liu Kang’s first fatality is Down, Forward, Back and Back Kick. The name of the fatality is (Close) Double Dragon.

After completing the klue, players will obtain a fair amount of seasonal currency.

Furthermore, they will also gain access to a chest nearby. This chest contains the “Vampiric Magician” skin for Rain.

EHT GIB YROETH mk1 reward
Obtain Rain skin from the Klue encounter in Mk1.

Moreover, this chest also contains a legendary relic, a colour palette for Li Mei and some more seasonal currency.

The Bottom Line

Klues are an excellent way for players to earn rewards for playing the game.

Furthermore, certain Klues even allow players to access new characters and new moves for the characters.

Thus, players must make sure to complete each Klue in Mk1 to get the best out of the game.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about how to complete the “EHT GIB GNAK YROETH” Klue in Mk1.

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