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Unlocking The Dispel Level 1 Door In Warlord’s Ruin

Are you wondering how to open the Dispel level 1 door in Warlord’s Ruin?

Opening these doors is closely related to the quest in the shadow of the mountains.

You must unlock the Dispel door level 1 on the fourth step of the In the Shadow of the Mountain quest. To unlock the Dispel level door 1 of the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, you need Ahamkara bones, Dark Ether Tinctures, and Blighted Wishing Glasses.

Here, we will discuss the details of the Dispel level 1 door and everything related.

In The Shadow Of The Mountain Quest

Warlord’s Ruin is the newest dungeon added to the Season of the Wish in Destiny 2.

There are many quests, challenges, and activities available in the dungeon.

In the Shadow of the Mountain is one of the main quests in the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon.

In addition, the quest has a total of 9 steps that the player must complete.

Each step requires you to complete a particular challenge or activity one by one.

Moreover, this quest is interesting and engages Destiny 2 players well.

On the fourth step of the quest, you will need to collect Ahamkara bones.

In the Shadow of the Mountain
The fourth step of the In the Shadow of the Mountain quest is unlocking the Dispel level 1 door.

In addition, those Ahamkara bones will help you open the Dispel doors.

Dispel doors, also known as Dispel doors of Corruption, have a Bone of Hefnd inside each.

Also, there are three total Dispel doors that the players must unlock.

Additionally, unlocking those three doors is steps 4, 5, and 6 of the quest.

Continue reading to explore more about the In the Shadow of the Mountain quest.

Unlocking Dispel Door 1

Dispel doors are part of the Shadow of the Mountain quest activity.

You have to find specific amounts of some items to unlock these doors.

Here is a breakdown of all the items to collect before opening the Dispel doors.

Ahamkara Bones

Ahamkaras are the shape-shifting and wish-granting dragons in the Destiny lore.

The Ahamkara dragons are extinct and have scattered ruins all over the world of Destiny.

Additionally, you have to collect 3 Ahamkara bones to unlock dispel door 1.

Similarly, the other 3 help open Dispel door 2 while the other 3 opens Dispel door 3.

Ahamkara Bone destiny 2
You must collect a total of 4 Ahamkara bones to unlock the first Dispel door.

When you reach step 4 of the In the Shadow of the Mountain quest, you will need 4 Ahamkara bones.

Here is a step-by-step process to get all four Ahamkara bones.

  1. The first bone will be available when you complete the first run of the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon.
  2. To get to the second bone, you must cross a bridge inside the first fort.
  3. The third bone will be available across from the imprisonment.
  4. The fourth bone will be at the top of the summit, on a shelter.

Dark Ether Tincture

Dark Ether Tinctures are consumable elixir items present in the dungeon.

These item’s main purpose is to unlock the Dispel doors and access the steps to the quest.

Dark Ether Tincture
Dark Ether Tinctures are elixir items that help access the quest’s steps.

In addition, Dark Ether Tincture can be gained by killing the Dark Ether Screebs.

To unlock the first Dispel door, you will need a total of 30 Dark Ether Tinctures.

Here are three known locations to get the Dark Ether Tinctures.

  1. The rope bridge after opening the first mimic chest
  2. The maze area after jumping past the first boss.
  3. On the mountains after attacking the second boss.

Blighted Wishing Glass

Blighted Wishing glass is another quest item that you must collect for the quest.

In addition, you just have to kill the bosses to get the Blighted Wishing Glass.

Also, you have to kill the bosses within the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon.

Furthermore, each boss you kill will give you one Blighted Wishing Glass.

You will need 3 Blighted Wishing Glasses to be able to unlock Dispel Door 1.

So, unlocking the Dispel door 1 will help you unlock the doors 2 and 3.

The Bottom Line

Dispel door of Corruption is a part of the quest item in the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon.

You have to open the doors as part of a challenge from the fourth step of the quest.

To open the door, you will need Ahamkaera bones, Dark Ether Tincture, and Blighted Glass.

So, collect these items and open the Dispel doors to complete the In the Shadow of the Mountain quest.

Explore the Locations Of Ahamkara bones and the details of Dark Ether Tincture in Destiny 2.
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