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Do Altars Of Lilith Count For All Characters?

Hidden throughout Sanctuary, the Altars of Lilith permanently raise all of your character’s attributes.

You can find some naturally as you travel, but you need help to locate and explore many remote locations. It is worth your time to find them all.

All of your characters share the Altars of Lilith and offer account-wide, meaning they apply to each of your characters, regardless of class or level. Therefore, you only need to find an altar once to benefit from it across all your characters.

In this article, we will explore the mechanics of the Altars of Lilith and how they affect different classes and builds.

What Are The Altars Of Lilith?

The sculptures known as the Altars of Lilith can be found across the Diablo 4 universe.

While some can be simple, others are a little harder to find.

The Altars grant a permanent boost to stats, increase Murmuring Obol capacity, or grant Paragon Points.

The bonus granted by each Altar is predetermined, so finding them all will result in the same bonus for every player.

When the current character interacts with an Altar of Lilith, they gain experience.

Additionally, they gain 10 Renown of the zone where the Altar of Lilith was discovered.

When you discover any of the Altars, all characters associated with your account will receive one of the following permanent attribute bonuses.

You only get this bonus the first time you discover an Altar, so explore thoroughly!

Here you can find the list of Bonuses below.

  • +2 Dexterity OR
  • +2 Strength OR
  • +2 Willpower OR
  • +2 Intelligence OR
  • +5 Murmuring Obol capacity
  • +1 Paragon Point

Altars Of Lilith Locations

The five regions of Diablo Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, Dry Steppes, Kehjistan, and Hawezar are home to 160 Altars of Lilith.

Each region has different altars, ranging from 28 to 34.

Altars of Lilith Count for all Charaters
You can find the Altars of Lilith in these locations.

After leaving a small settlement behind, you will likely find your first Altar of Lilith early in the Prologue of Act 1.

The statue permanently improves your stats or the maximum number of Murmuring Obols that can be exchanged for curiosity when interacting.

Finding these Altars also increases your Renown, which is tracked in the Region Progress of each zone you enter.

Any character you play in that realm who finds an Altar of Lilith can take advantage of the bonuses.

However, these statues only grant experience and renown to the character interacting with them.

Hence, other characters you can make can still find and interact with them for these benefits.

You can find the regions and the number of Altars in those regions below.

  • Fractured Peaks (28 Altars of Lilith)
  • Dry Steppes (33 Altars of Lilith)
  • Kehjistan (31 Altars of Lilith)
  • Scosglen (34 Altars of Lilith)
  • Hawezar (34 Altars of Lilith)

Do Altars Of Lilith Count For All Characters?

Every character you have in the game gets the perks of the altars of Lilith, even if you create new ones.

However, it will be challenging to find every Altar, but with great labor comes incredible reward.

This implies that all your characters will gain the permanent stat boost once you activate an Altar of Lilith.

Diablo 4’s skill tree architecture encourages more focused builds because changing your skill points’ specs will cost money.

Hence, players are likelier to make a new character instead of changing their build.

Moreover, Alts will strengthen thanks to the Altars, making it easier to level them up.

Therefore, the time it takes to find each Altar will save us time in the long run.

Altars of Lilith are still worth finding on new characters because they give Renown.

If you are in an area with many Altars, it can be worth taking a short detour to find them.

But there are other ways to get to Renown, so finding only some of them is okay.

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The Bottom Line

Hidden statues known as Altars of Lilith reward your characters on your account with permanent stat enhancements.

Finding all of the Altars will result in the same benefit because you can receive a predefined bonus from each.

Similarly, the Altars can be a helpful way to increase the stats and Renown of your characters.  

Nevertheless, the developers have shown that they respect our time by making the Altars of Lilith an enjoyable experience, not a tedious one.

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