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Whirlwind Attack Speed In Diablo 4: Guide For Barbarians

Whirlwind is a core skill in Diablo 4 that allows your Barbarian to twirl across the battlefield while repeatedly hitting all nearby enemies.

The Whirlwind attack is a very effective build for open-world content and nightmare dungeons.

Whirlwind Attack Speed is a term that refers to how fast your Barbarian spins and hits enemies with the Whirlwind skill in Diablo 4. The faster you attack, the more damage you deal and the more Fury you spend.
If you want to know more about the Whirlwind, please continue reading this article and learn about its attack speed.

What Is Whirlwind?

In Diablo 4, the Barbarian skill is called Whirlwind which can quickly whirl around and damage nearby enemies.

Whirlwind is a Core Cluster skill part of the Barbarian class skill tree.

Active Skills have a maximum rank of 5 and are shown as sizable square icons in the Skill Tree menu.

Additionally, the skill can be upgraded after being enhanced to add new features to its effects. 

Those that play Whirlwind Barbarians are melee fighters who excel at whirling around and damaging foes in a large area.

They are regarded as one of the most recognizable and well-liked builds in Diablo 4.

Thus, they are renowned for their excellent damage output and resistance to damage.

Whirlwind Barbarian Build

Although many Diablo 4 fans may choose the Necromancer build, Sorcerer build, or Rogue build, the Barbarian class is still a powerful and versatile option.

The Whirlwind Barbarian build is designed to hit many enemies with the Whirlwind skill.

Additionally, this skill is very effective against large groups of enemies.

Whirlwind Attack Speed In Diablo 4
The Barbarian build creates the ultimate Whirlwind by fusing a variety of mechanics into one.

You will use shouts to buff the skill and a basic attack to generate fury.

Moreover, the primary attack will also activate a specific ultimate effect.

Whirlwind eats the Barbarian’s Fury, therefore unlocking passives and skill improvements is crucial to ensure a high fury recovery rate.

It can increase your fury generation and reduce your fury cost.

Additionally, this will allow you to use Whirlwind more often.

Barbarians Skills

The foundation of the barbarian build is the Whirlwind skill.

The Whirlwind skill allows the Barbarian to spin around and damage enemies around them.

Players can upgrade the skill to do more damage, spin faster, and even apply crowd-control effects. 

Other essential skills for Whirlwind Barbarians include Raging Shout, Battle Rage, and War Cry.

These skills increase the Barbarian’s damage output, survivability, and crowd control.

Whirlwind Barbarians often use two-handed weapons, even though they have access to various weapons.

What Is Whirlwind Attack Speed In Diablo 4?

Your character’s attack speed stat determines how frequently they attack.

Attacks Per Second (APS) is the unit of measurement for attack speed in Diablo 4.

Your weapon, gear, and talents can all affect how quickly you can attack.

With the aid of the Whirlwind skill, your character can attack adversaries while spinning around.

Hence, your attack speed stat governs the speed of your Whirlwind attack.

Additionally, many runes can make Whirlwind attack faster.

For example, the Slaying Strike rune increases your damage against low-health enemies.

Moreover, the Blood Thirst rune makes enemies bleed when you hit them with Whirlwind.

Thus, attack speed is crucial for the Whirlwind Barbarian build.

Your ability to deliver more damage and get rid of foes rapidly depends on how quickly you attack.

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How To Speed Up Your Whirlwind Attack Speed In Diablo 4?

You may use the Accelerating Offensive Aspect to speed up your Whirlwind attack speed in Diablo 4.

Furthermore, you may want to equip gear with attack speed as a stat, such as gloves.

You can speed up your Whirlwind attack by following these tips.

  • Use tools with quick attack rates.
  • Put on gear that will accelerate your attacks.
  • Spend money on abilities that accelerate your attacks.
  • Utilize runes to quicken your attacks.

Therefore, you may want to balance your attack speed with other stats that increase your damage, such as critical strike chance, strength, and ranks to the Whirlwind.

Note: Keep in mind that attack speed may not affect your whirlwind damage directly, but rather your fury consumption and legendary procs.

The Bottom Line

The speed of your Whirlwind attack in Diablo 4 depends on your weapon, gear, and skill tree and influences your damage output. 

A faster attack speed means you can spin faster and deal more damage, but it also means you’ll use more fury.

Moreover, you can spin more quickly and hurt opponents by raising your attack speed. 

Therefore, balancing attack speed and fury cost is essential to maximize damage output.

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