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Does Biggoron Sword TotK Break? Repair Guide

Developed by Nintendo, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is an action-packed RPG ( Role Playing Game).

The game is also a new addition to the long-standing franchise of Zelda.

Recently, Players of TotK have found that Biggoron Sword breaks, even though it has high durability. However, some players claim the sword did not break when it was first introduced.

The Biggoron sword is an excellent base-type weapon; however, it does lose its durability.

Continue reading to discover how the Biggoron Sword ToTK breaks and how to obtain it again.

The Biggorn Sword And The Amiibo Item System

Zelda ToTk is an action-packed RPG with numerous items and skills for the players to use and customize.

Moreover, the players can also obtain various items from previous titles through the Amiibo Item system.

Amiibo is Nintendo’s line of toy-to-life figurines. The players can use these figurines to unlock features in different games across different Nintendo Platforms. 

The Amiibo looks like characters from the Nintendo Games, including a hidden radio frequency identification (RFID) chip.

Additionally, when a player scans the RFID chip, the Nintendo system recognizes the Amiibo and rewards the player with an item corresponding to the Amiibo.

In the Biggoron Sword’s context, if the player scans the Amiibo “Link from Ocarina of Time,” they can obtain the Biggoron Sword with other additional rewards.

The rewards contain; Lon Lon Ranch Paraglider Fabric, Cap of Time clothing item, Tunic of Time clothing item, Trousers of Time clothing item, Biggoron’s Sword, and a random weapon which can be the Soldier’s Sword.

However, scanning the Amiibo is not the only way to obtain the Biggoron’s Sword.

An Alternate Method To Obtain The Biggoron’s Sword

The game provides the players with a method to obtain the Biggoron’s Sword by going through a dungeon.

Let us look at the steps needed to follow to obtain Biggoron’s Sword in ToTk.

  1. Head to the chasm near the Skull Lake Cave.
skull lake cave totk
Head to skull lake cave.
  1. Enter the Skull Lake Chasm.
Skull lake chasm
Enter the Skull Lake Chasm in TOTK.
  1. Kill the smaller mobs of monsters.
  2. After killing the small mobs of monsters, Stalnox will spawn and Kill Stalnox.
kill stalnox
Finally, Kill the Stalnox.
  1. After killing Stalnox, the box in the chasm will open.
  2. The box will reward you with the Biggoron’s Sword.
Biggoron's sword
You can obtain the Biggoron’s sword again.

Does Biggoron ToTK Sword Break?

Talking about Biggoron’s Sword durability, the item has a base power of 50, an attack power of 36 and a high durability of 60

Additionally, in ToTK, The Biggoron’s Sword may break after it is used over time.

However, players also claimed the sword should be unbreakable. This is because the sword was unbreakable when first introduced into the franchise.

Despite being the unbreakable Biggoron’s Sword from Ocarina of Time (OoT), the Biggoron’s Sword in Breath of the Wild will break.

Furthermore, Biggoron’s Sword did break once in the mythology of OoT since part of the trade mission to obtain Biggoron’s Sword includes acquiring a broken version and requesting Biggoron to fix it. 

Besides Biggoron Sword’s durability, the only significant distinction between the Biggoron’s Sword and the Giant’s Knife in OoT is that Biggoron’s younger brother, Medigoron, created the Giant’s Knife.

It also symbolizes the best that the current generation’s Biggoron can do. 

Moreover, similar to other weapons, the sword loses its durability rapidly when used against boss monsters since the boss monsters possess numerous layers of defenses.

Additionally, due to its high durability and decent attack power; the Biggoron’s Sword is a good contender for second place against the Fierce Deity Sword.

Repairing the weapon is by fusing the sword with another legendary sword.

Continue reading to learn if  Fierce Deity Sword ToTK Break.

How To Re-Obtain TOTk Biggoron Sword After It Breaks?

Furthermore, the players can re-obtain the weapon if it breaks.

Here are the steps you can follow to re-obtain the sword again;

  1. Head to the Lookout landing.
look out landing in totk
Look out Landing to find the statue.
  1. Interact with the Poe Statue and ask the statue for a Brethren’s Location.
Brethren's location
Brethren’s Location to buy the Biggoron’s sword
  1. Head to the Depths through Hyrule Field Chasm.
Hyrule Chasm
Head to the Depths through Hyrule Field Chasm.
  1. Once inside the depths, head southeast to the Plains Bargainer Statue.
Plain's bargainer statue totk
Plains Bargainer Statue Location to buy the Biggoron Sword.
  1. Offer the Poes to the statue to buy the Biggoron’s sword. 
Poe bargain totk
Statue interaction to buy the sword

The Bottom Line

A strong base-type weapon can enhance the gaming experience for any level of player because it can be upgraded later on.

However, even if the Biggoron Sword does break in ToTK, the players can obtain it again through various other methods.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand why Biggoron’s Sword breaks and how to obtain it again to add it to your arsenal.

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