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Female Character Creation In Starfield: A complete Guide

Starfield is a famous sci-fi RPG that offers players extensive character customization options to create unique and diverse protagonists.

The character creator allows for customizing everything from facial features and body type to background and traits.

Players can craft their ideal hero to explore the vast open worlds of Starfield.

For the female character creation in Starfield, you must select the “Feminine” body type, allowing for distinctive secondary characteristics, and then further customize facial features, hairstyles, makeup, and background, offering diverse options for crafting your ideal female space explorer in the game.

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What Is Starfield?

Starfield is an upcoming epic single-player roleplaying game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

Set in the year 2330, it takes place in an entirely new science-fiction universe.

It allows players to take on the role of a space explorer in the colony ships of humanity’s largest faction, Constellation.

Starfield promises over 150 explorable planets and 1000 unique planets to discover.

Players can become an astronaut, space pirates, merchants or bounty hunters as they explore the galaxy and unravel the central mystery at the heart of Starfield.

Character Creation Options In Starfield

Starfield features an extensive character creator that allows players to customize their protagonist’s appearance, background and traits.

Here are the key options available:

  • Biometric ID: Players can choose from 43 preset face models to use as a base or customize their own unique look.
  • Body: Players can select between feminine or masculine body types and adjust body weight, shape and muscularity. Walk style can also be set to feminine or masculine.
body type female character starfield
You can select between feminine or masculine body types.
  • Face: Facial features like head shape, chin, nose, eyes, mouth and more can be sculpted. Skin details like complexion, scars and jewelry are also customizable.
  • Hair: A wide variety of hairstyles, colors and facial hair options are available.
  • Eyes: Eye shape, color and other eye features can be customized.
  • Background: Players choose their character’s origin story from 21 backgrounds, determining starting skills and how NPCs react.
  • Traits: Up to 3 traits can be selected from 17 options to shape a character’s personality and abilities further.
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Female Character Creation In Starfield

To create a female protagonist in Starfield, players first select the “Feminine” body type option under Body.

This will give the character distinctly female secondary sexual characteristics and hitboxes for armor.

Next, players can further customize their female character’s appearance.

female character creation
Players can customize their female character’s appearance in Starfield.

Under the face, options like softer jawlines, fuller lips, smaller noses and rounder eye shapes allow for sculpting a feminine visage.

Hairstyles and makeup choices also cater to a more feminine aesthetic.

You can adjust skin details like complexion and scarring independently of gender.

Players have full control over their character’s physical features and can create any kind of female character they envision.

You can also achieve masculine or androgynous looks regardless of gender selection.

Starfield avoids strict gender binaries in character creation.

Key Features Of Female Characters In Starfield

While character customization is not limited by gender in Starfield, there are some notable features unique to playing as a female protagonist:

  • Distinctive feminine body structure and hitboxes for armor.
  • Hairstyles, makeup and facial features direct towards a feminine aesthetic.
  • Roleplaying opportunities as a female space explorer facing unique challenges in the setting.
  • Potential for romances or storylines focused on issues like reproductive rights in a frontier society.
  • Ability to craft a character outside traditional gender expectations or explore non-binary identities.
  • Inspire or empower players who want to see themselves represented as heroes in science fiction worlds typically dominated by male protagonists.

A Female Protagonist’s Appearance Creation In Starfield

The character creator in Starfield allows for extensive customization of a female protagonist’s appearance.

Players have full control over facial features and can sculpt their character’s face to have softer jawlines, fuller lips, smaller noses, and rounder eye shapes typically associated with feminine facial structures.

face creation
Under the face option, you can customize your character’s face, considering various factors.

Various hairstyles cater to longer hair options, with styles ranging from short bobs to long-flowing locks available.

Players can also select hair colors that best suit their character’s aesthetic.

Makeup choices further accentuate feminine features, with eyeliners, eyeshadows, lipsticks and more available.

You can add facial jewelry like earrings, nose rings or lip piercings.

Under the skin details section, players can customize aspects like complexion, applying makeup effects like blush or adjusting skin texture.

You can also add scarring and blemishes independently of gender.

Roleplaying Diverse Female Characters In Starfield

In addition to visual customization, Starfield allows for roleplaying female characters with different backgrounds and traits.

Players can select origins ranging from a combat medic to an explorer to create a character biography.

Backgrounds determine starting skills and influence how NPCs interact with the protagonist.

Traits further shape personality; for example, the “Extrovert” trait could influence dialogue options taken.

This opens up opportunities to roleplay diverse female characters – a tough bounty hunter, intellectual professor, outlaw gangster or kindhearted diplomat.

Starfield avoids strict gender roles, so you can achieve masculine and androgynous appearances regardless of selecting the feminine body type.

The Bottom Line

Starfield promises deep character customization that empowers players to craft unique heroes of any gender to their liking.

The extensive creation options allow sculpting protagonists that are more than just presets and reflect individual player visions.

Combined with the vast open worlds to explore, character creation will enhance Starfield’s replayability for years to come.

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you will be able to customize your experience of female character creation in Starfield.

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