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Dragon Quest Monsters: Find The Best Monsters

In Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, players can choose their best monsters among the 500.

Players must choose the best monsters to learn all the spells and gather valuable resources in the game.

As the game is releasing on December 1, players must choose the best monsters for strategic gameplay. 

In Dragon Quest Monsters, Hunter Mech, Snow Mangler, Dragonlord, OverKilling Machine, Equinox, Cannon Brawler, and Garuda are the best monsters.

Continue reading to learn more about the best monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Exploring The Best Starter Monsters   

In Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, players can choose monsters and make them their companions for the rest of the gaming journey.

Similarly, players must choose the best monsters among the numerous monsters to aid them in the game.

Players have to participate in Monty’s quiz, which determines your starter monster in Dragon Quest Monsters.

After embarking on Dragon Quest Monsters, players are presented with 4 options to choose their starter monsters.

Players have to choose their starter monster among the Fright Bulb, Platypunk, Mud Mannequin, and Cruel Cumber.

However, Curelcumber is the best starter choice monster for the players to learn the game as it can learn multi-target attacks quickly.

Moreover, Cruelcumber can be used in breeding more effectively than the other 3 starter monsters, making it the best starter monster.

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Building The Best Monsters Teams In Dragon Quest Monsters

As you embark on the Dragon Quest Monsters’ enigmatic world, you encounter several unique monsters.

Similarly, monsters in this quest are categorized into different tiers based on their power and attributes.

The best starter monster, “Cruelcumber,” that you choose does not even come at the A tier, rather it belongs to the mid-tier monsters.

Players can build their team of best monsters by including the S-tier monsters, which are extremely powerful.

List Of The Monsters In Dragon Quest Monsters

Here are some of the monsters in the Quest where players can choose their best monsters and form a team.

1. Overkilling machine

  • It has an astonishing combination of high power and speed.
  • Similarly, it has a high burst damage potential with multi-target and multi-hit slash attacks.
  • Likewise, it can critically damage the enemies inflicted with poison and toxins.

2. Hunter Mech

  • Hunter mech has powerful attacks and has max growth stats.
  • It also has the unique trait of a metal beater, having an advantage against monsters with metal skin.
  • Players can carry over Hunter Mech from the demo alongside its precious synthesis.
Hunter Mech best monsters of dragon quest monsters
Hunter Mech is a monster that players can acquire in the game.

3. Snow Mangler

  • Snow Manglers is the larger monster excelling at unleashing elemental devastation.
  • It has ice-based attacks and can also perform the support role.
  • Similarly, it has the unique ability to crack spells and support the party with elemental buffs.
Snow Mangler best monsters of dragon quest monsters
Snow Mangler is one of the monsters that players can acquire in the game.

4. Equinox

  • Equinox has the greatest effectiveness with debuffs to lower the enemies’ attacks.
  • It has an increased duration of debuffs, resulting in spellbinding, breath binding, critical binding, and dazzle.
  • Similarly, it is one of the best utility monsters players can get in this game.

5. Dragonlord

  • One of the best utility monsters who can silence the enemy’s actions.
  • It also can heal the whole party at a single time.
  • Similarly, it also has access to multi-target attack skills.

6. Cannon Brawler

  • Canon Brawler has tremendous physical powers.
  • It is also armed with the Reno Must trait to deliver powerful attacks.
  • Similarly, this monster can also use the Bang spell.

7. Reptile

  • Reptiles can produce the flame breather spell from level one.
  • It also has the fris meister trait to enhance their fire elemental attacks.
  • Similarly, it can attack multiple enemies and allows you to speed up your campaign progress.

8. Garuda

  • Garuda has the potential synthesis path for other monsters.
  • Monsters like Phoenix can enhance their power with a synthesis path.
  • Similarly, using Garuda at the late stage of the game can be beneficial.
Garuda best monsters of dragon quest monsters
Garuda is one monster that players can acquire in the game.

9. Armored Wartois

  • Armored Wartois is a reliable tank as well as a formidable defender.
  • It has a 5-star defense rating and can withstand tremendous power.
  • Players can synthesize this monster with a combination of Bongo Drungo to create a versatile monster.

The Bottom Line

In this vast world of the Dragon Quest Monsters, players must choose the Cruelcumber as their starter monster.

Similarly, as you move forward, equip the 4 best monsters from this game’s wide variety of monsters.

In summary, players must understand that every monster has its unique ability to provide different experiences for them.

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