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What Are The OSRS Bloodthirsty Drop Table Loots?

OSRS introduces a challenging enemy known as the Bloodthirsty Bloodveld on 15th November, 2023.

Many Old School RuneScape (OSRS) players are curious to look for the loot items they get on the Bloodthirsty drop table.

In the OSRS Bloodthirsty Drop table, you can find the items you have a high and low chance of getting based on their rarity levels. You can get various items, such as vile ashes, weapons, armor, runes, herbs, battle staffs, coins, etc., with expensive coin values.

Continue reading to learn about Bloodthirsty Bloodveld and the drops you can collect from it in OSRS.

What Is The Bloodthirsty Bloodveld In OSRS?

Bloodthirsty Bloodveld is a stronger version of mutated Bloodved and Insatiable Bloodveld.

Furthermore, this demon will spawn before you only after you unlock the Bloodthirsty relic.

Bloodthirsty is an extraordinary power at the top level (Tier 5) in the Trailblazer Reloaded League.

In addition, the Bloodthirsty Bloodveld is a powerful demon with a combat level of 303.

You can find this demon in the areas like Asgarnia, Morytania, Kandarin, and the Wilderness.

Bloodthirsty bloodveld
Bloodthirsty Bloodveld is a strong demon.

Additionally, this demon has great attacking strengths and hits hard using magical melee attacks.

If you’re a Slayer with a level 50 requirement, you can run into the Bloodthirsty Bloodveld in OSRS.

However, this demon has a 25% chance of showing up instead of the regular Insatiable Bloodveld.

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What Are The OSRS Bloodthirsty Drop Table Loots?

In OSRS, the Bloodthirsty Bloodveld has a drop table containing various valuable loots and drops.

Furthermore, you will find loot like weapons, armor, runes, herbs, coins etc, in the Bloodthirsty drop table.

herb drop table
Bloodthirsty Bloodveld has a drop table containing valuable items.

So, you must defeat the superior variant of Bloodshed to collect drops from Bloodthirsty Bloodveld.

Hence, look at the different loot categories from the drop table of Bloodthirsty Bloodveld.

1. OSRS Bloodthirsty Guaranteed Drops

You will surely get these loots when you kill the BloodThirsty Bloodveld.

  • Vile Ashes: If you kill the Bloodthirsty Bloodved, you will always get Vile Ashes with a price value of 754.
  • Ensouled Bloodveld head: you can also collect one ensouled Bloodveld head with a price value of 2751.

2. Weapons and Armor Drops

You can collect one of each weapon and armor from the drop table of the demon.

  • Steel axe: This weapon has a rarity of 9 × 1/32, with a trading price value of 6 coins.
  • Steel full helm: This armor has a rarity of 9 × 1/32 and a price value of 139 coins.
  • Steel scimitar: This drop is a weapon with a rarity of 9 × 1/64 and has a price value of 109 coins.
  • Black boots: This is armor with a rarity of 9 × 1/128 with a price value of 355 coins.
  • Mithril sq shield: This shield drops with a rarity of 9 × 1/128 with a price value of 672 coins.
  • Mithril chain body: This armor drops with a rarity of 9 × 1/128 with a price value of 878 coins.
  • Rune med helm: This helmet drops with a rarity of 9 × 1/128 with a price value of 11,093 coins.

3. Runes Drop Table

You can collect many runes from the BloodThirsty Bloodveld.

  • Fire Rune: You can collect 60 Fire runes with a rarity of 9 × 1/16 and a price value of 240 coins.
  • Blood rune: You can collect 10 blood runes of rarity 9 ×  1/25.6  with a price value of 1970 coins, 3 blood runes of rarity 9 ×  1/42.67 with a value of 591 coins and  30 blood runes of rarity 9×  1/128  with a value of  5910 coins.

4. Herbs Drop Table

Herbs are valuable elements in OSRS that will help you heal.

Hence, you have the chance of getting the rarest herb from the loot.

  • You can get herbs with rarity ranging from 1/152 to 1/5461 and price values ranging from 66 coins to 5803 coins. 
  • Grimy irit leaf, Avantoe, Kwuarm, Cadantine, Lantadyme, Ranarr weed and dwarf weed have trading prices of over 1000 coins.
  • Grimy Ranarr weed is the herb that has the highest trading price of 5803 coins.
  • You have less chance of getting these herbs in the loot as they have high rarity levels. 
  • However, you can get other herbs like Grimy Guam leaf, Marrentill and Tarromin easily in the drop.

5. Coins Drop Table

You can get 10 coins, 40 coins, 120 coins, 200 coins and 450 coins with different rarity levels.

Furthermore, the rarity levels of the coins range from 9 × 1/4.267 to 9× 1/128.

Besides this, you can also collect other items like Bones, Big Bones, Gold Ore and Meat Pizza.

6. Gem Drop Table

In the Gem Drop table, you have the most chances of getting items like uncut sapphire, uncut emerald, uncut ruby etc, as they have lower rarity levels.

Gems like Chaos talisman, nature talisman, uncut diamond, loop half of key, tooth half of key etc, are comparatively harder to get due its high rarity levels.

Similarly, the rune spear, shield left half, dragon spear etc, have the highest rarity level.

Hence, you can only get these rare gems in the loot if you are lucky.

7. Super Slayer Tertiary Drop Table

You will always get tertiary items like one Clue scroll, but you have a low chance of getting the Brimstone key as its rarity is 1/64. 

Hence, you can only get Brimstone keys if you kill the BloodThirsty Bloodveld in a Slayer task.

You can obtain the most valuable items in the Super Slayer Tertiary Task.

  • Mist Battlestaff: The Bloodthirsty Bloodveld drops this staff with the rarity of 1/85.33, with a price value of 28,691.
  • Dust Battlestaff: This drop is also not standard and has the rarity equal to the Mist Battlestaff but has a low price value of 11,279 comparatively.
  • Eternal Gem: You also can get this drop, but its rarity level is 1/298.7 and has a tremendous price value of 8388,200.
  • Dust Battlestaff: The beast may drop this staff with a rarity level equal to Eternal Gem but has a remarkable price value of 87,859,950 coins.

The Bottom Line

Bloodthirsty is a powerful Tier 5 relic that offers players unique abilities and advantages in their OSRS adventures.

Besides, players who defeat the BloodThirsty Bloodveld can earn valuable loot, increasing their excitement.

Thus, the Bloodthirsty Drop table will give them the knowledge of items they can obtain.

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