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Is Drake Taking A Backseat In Tekken 8?

The highly anticipated Tekken 8 is gearing up for its release.

Significantly, fans are eager to dive into the next chapter of the legendary fighting game franchise.

But amidst the excitement, one question keeps popping up: will Drake join the fray?

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Is There Drake In Tekken 8?

The official roster boasts returning favorites like Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima.

Alongside intriguing newcomers like Fahkumram, Drake’s name is noticeably absent.

This isn’t just speculation; developer silence and a lack of leaks point toward the rapper’s exclusion from the playable cast.

Tekken 8 seems to prioritize established characters and lore, with guest appearances likely taking a backseat in this narrative-driven entry.

Fanciful Fan Creations To Online Buzz

However, Drake’s absence hasn’t stopped him from entering the ring – virtually, at least.

Tekken 8’s robust character customization tools have unleashed players’ inner artists.

Significantly, it is allowing them to craft remarkably accurate Drake look-alikes.

These digital replicas have become a surprising online phenomenon, from his signature hairstyle to his clothing choices.

Memes, jokes, and even YouTube showcases have fueled the buzz.

This creates a humorous alternative reality where Drake throws down in the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

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Can You Bust A Rhyme And A Combo In Tekken 8?

While the honest Drake might be sitting this out, the Tekken 8 community‘s creativity ensures his presence is felt uniquely.

The game is dedicated to its established universe; Drake’s digital doppelgangers are rising unexpectedly.

Both fan anticipation and customization showcase the power of shaping the online conversation around a beloved franchise.

Drake’s chart-topping hits are absent from the arenas, but his virtual counterpart is not.

However, he will continue to throw some jabs at the Tekken 8 community.

tekken 8
The Tekken 8 community’s creativity ensures Drake’s presence is felt uniquely.

How To Make Your Own Drake In Tekken 8?

If you want to make your own Drake in Tekken 8, you can use the character customization tools.

It lets you create a realistic and expressive replica of the rapper.

Here are some steps you can follow to make your own Drake in Tekken 8:

1. Choose A Character

Choose a character with a similar body type and skin tone to Drake.

Some possible candidates are Miguel, Claudio, or Shaheen.

2. Customization Menu

Go to the customization menu and select the character you chose.

You can access the customization menu from the main menu or from the arcade cabinet in Final Round.

unique character
There are 32 unique character.

3. Head And Hair

Start with the head and hair options; choose from various hairstyles, facial hair, and accessories to match Drake’s look.

For example, you can choose the Short Hair 2 option, the Beard 2 option, and the Earrings 2 option.

4. Body Options

Next, move on to the upper body and lower body options.

You can choose from different clothing items, such as shirts, jackets, pants, and shoes.

Additionally, you can add some accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

For example, you can choose the T-Shirt 3 option, the Jacket 6 option, the Jeans 2 option, and the Sneakers 3 option.

5. Colors And Patterns

Finally, adjust the colors and patterns of your clothing and accessories.

You can use the color palette and the pattern menu to change the appearance of your items.

Moreover, you can use the stickers menu to add some logos or designs to your items.

For example, you can use the OVO logo sticker to add Drake’s brand to your jacket or shirt.

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