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Drawbridge Consulting: Is It Scam Or Legit?

Rumors about Drawbridge Consulting being a scam are circulating.

However, the company has been running for nearly a decade without any issues.

Drawbridge Consulting is a company that specializes in recruiting and staffing for various companies. While the company has its own negatives, the company is not related to any scam that the public or potential candidates should worry about.

This article discusses drawbridge consulting and its potential scam.

What Is Drawbridge Consulting?

Drawbridge Consulting is a recruiting firm that operates in Denver.

Furthermore, unlike other consultancy firms, it solely focuses on any company’s recruitment process.

They believe in hiring the employee best suited for the customer and their company.

Thus, potential employees can expect offers from various companies that align with their beliefs and skills.

Furthermore, Drawbridge Consulting hires employees it deems worthy of working for them.

This means the company provides employment opportunities and links candidates to other employers.

Around the world, multiple companies practice this same method and are seeing great results.

However, the candidates must align with the beliefs of the company before getting a chance to gain an interview.

Drawbridge consulting a scam
Drawbridge consulting landing page.
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Is Drawbridge Consulting A Scam?

No! Drawbridge Consulting is not a scam. This is predominantly from the various reviews about the company.

Furthermore, the company operates in Denver and even provides a link to its LinkedIn profile, where they are detailing its activities.

Moreover, the company has been operating since 2005, thus, there is a bit of credibility there.

But, there are a few concerns about the company from its previous employees.

The employees state that the company is very hard-headed and expects its employees to put in way too much work.

Furthermore, some previous employees are also explaining their frustration with the management.

This is mainly because, as they explained, the management is two-faced and tries to control everything.

Thus, causing many issues for the previous employees and causing them to leave the company.

However, the positive of the company is that it provides a lot of training to its employees.

And also sends the employees to get training in accordance with their position.

Drawbridge services
Drawbridge consulting beliefs and services.

But, most of the previous employees cite the same thing about the company management being way too controlling.

Thus, it depends on the potential candidate to choose whether to work with them.

While the company is not a scam, the working environment in the company seems unfavorable for some employees.

But, for some, the working environment and the benefits seem great.

Thus, it is better to learn everything about the company beforehand is better than going in blind.

The Bottom Line

In the current times, many companies are running scam tactics on their customers and their employees as well.

However, in the case of Drawbridge Consulting, the company is legit and provides services according to its website.

But, it is also a bit lackluster in certain aspects where the employees say nearly the same issues existed when working in the company.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in understanding whether Drawbridge Consulting is a Scam or not.

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