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Dying Light 2 Lost Armory Quest: Find Jai

After the recent firearms update (1.15) in Dying Light 2, the story continues with the new firearms quest called the Lost Armory.

One of the key characters in this quest is Jai, whose whereabouts are crucial to its completion.

To complete the quest, players need to complete various objectives, challenges, and Find Jai.

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The Lost Armory Quest In Dying Light 2

The Lost Armory Quest in Dying Light 2 is a captivating mission that involves players finding the Jai.

It introduces players to the character Jai, who guides them through a series of tasks and locations within the game world.

As players progress through the quest, they unravel secrets, battle adversaries, and ultimately get some exclusive rewards.

Lost Armory quest
Lost Armory quest in Dying Light 2.

However, since the update just launched with a new quest, players have been experiencing some minor bugs.

This bug can be fixed by sleeping in the game or restarting the game to trigger or show up the quest.

How To Complete The Lost Armory Quest In Dying Light 2?

To complete the Lost Armory quest, follow these steps:

1. Initiating The Quest

Players must reach the Central Loop area in the game to receive a radio call prompting them to commence the Lost Armory quest.

After accepting the quest, players are directed to locate Jai, who can be found at a specific location in the game world.

2. Finding Agent Jai

Players must navigate through the game world, overcoming obstacles and enemies to reach Jai’s whereabouts.

Furthermore, follow the in-game markers and pay attention to environmental cues to locate Jai.

3. Exploring Various Locations

The quest leads players to diverse locations such as a metro station, a quarantine building, a windmill, and more.

Each location presents unique challenges and tasks that players must overcome to progress in the game.

4. Exploring The Lost Armory

Players may receive clues or directions leading them to the lost armory.

Moreover, players must explore the area thoroughly, searching for hidden entrances or passages that may lead to the armory.

Go to the Lost Armory
Go to the Lost Armory and defeat enemies.

5. Completing Objectives

Players may encounter obstacles such as traps, puzzles, or enemy encounters while searching for the armory.

It is important to remain vigilant and utilize both combat and stealth tactics to overcome these challenges.

Throughout the quest, players encounter various objectives, including defeating enemies, disarming bombs, and following bandits.

Likewise, players must strategize and utilize their skills to accomplish these tasks.

Complete the objectives
Complete the objectives like disarming the bombs.

Finding Jai to complete the quest

After defeating the bandits, go to the basement, where you will see a container with a red light.

Open the container where you will find Tackhead, and he will ask you for a code and decoder in exchange for Jai.

This will complete the quest, and Jai will be unlocked as an agent to complete other missions.

Open the container
Open the container where you will find Tackhead to complete the quest.

Rewards For Completing The Lost Armory Quest

Here are the rewards for completing the Lost Armory quest in Dying Light 2:

1. Service Pistol

Players will receive a powerful service pistol upon completing the quest.

This weapon is invaluable in combat situations, providing players an edge against their adversaries.

Get rewards for completing the Lost Armory quest.

2. Ammunition

Along with the service pistol, players are rewarded with ammunition, ensuring they are well-equipped for future challenges.

3. Unlocking Agent Jai

Completing the Lost Armory Quest unlocks Agent Jai as an agent within the game.

Players can undertake bounties assigned by Jai, which offer rewards and contribute to their progression within the game.

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