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Explore Everything About The Bough Of Altek In WoW: SOD

In World Of Warcraft ( WoW): Season of Discovery (SOD), players have to embark on the quest to collect the Bough of Altek.

Similarly, collecting the item allows players to complete the Metamorphosis Rune Acquisition.

Likewise, to complete the acquisition of Metamorphosis Rune, players must explore the origin and location of the item.

In World of Warcraft ( WoW): Season of Discovery (SOD), players have to loot the Bough of Altek from the tower of Althalaxx in Darkshore to complete the acquisition of the Metamorphosis Warlock rune.

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An Overview Of Bough Of Altek

In WoW: SOD, players have to collect several quest items to complete the acquisition of the hidden warlock runes.

Similarly, Bough of Altek is a level 1 item and is one of the important quest items to collect for the acquisition of the Metamorphosis Warlock Rune.

Likewise, it is a unique quest item that binds up upon looting it, holding a significant role in this game.

Moreover, players have to travel to the top of the tower of Althalaxx to secure Bough of Altek as their loot.

Besides that, during the ancient period,  it was the greatest power source.

Receive Bough Of Altek
Players have successfully received the item as loot.

Upon looting it, players learn that this item used to be one of the formidable weapons, and now only the remnants are left.

Likewise, as players navigate to loot the item around the Darkshore River, they can learn about 23 instances of the Bough of Altek.

Thus, after learning several documentation of the item, players can finally understand the importance of this item.

Unlock The Potential Of Bough Of Altek  

Players should understand the purpose of collecting the Bough of Altek item and how it unfolds the game storyline.

Similarly, players can unlock the potential of the Bough of Altek by participating in several quests in WoW.

Likewise, players willing to unlock this item’s maximum potential can partake in the “Rumors Abound” quest.

Rumors Abound quest is an elite-level quest that can only be performed by the players of minimum level 25.

Subsequently, after deciding to unlock the potential from this quest, the players have to travel to the Barrens.

In Barrens, players have to navigate to the coordinates of 49,57 where they encounter the Doan Karharn, a quest giver.

Thus, players must participate in that respective quest to unlock its potential.

Quest  Overview: Acquiring The Metamorphosis 

Players have to collect several quest items and travel to the treachours realm of WoW: SOD before they can collect the runes.

Likewise, to initiate the process, players have to collect the Orb of Des from the Tower of the Ilgalar in the Redridge Mountains.

Players must collect the Orb of Des before the Bough of Altek for successful intervention in obtaining the Metamorphosis Rune.

Location of Bough Of Altek
Players can loot it by visiting this location.

Similarly, players can progress further by collecting two essential fragments: the Orb of Des and Bough of Altek.

Moreover, players have to return to the Barrens to complete the Soran’ruk quest and then collect 10 Blood of the Legion from Demon Fall Ridge.

Next, the final steps lead players to the quest of “Raszel Ander”, completing it grants the player Metamorphosis Rune.

Thus, only players who successfully navigate the challenges presented by this questline can receive this coveted Rune.

The Bottom Line

In WoW: SOD, players have to loot the Bough of Altek as it is the prerequisite for attaining the coveted Metamorphosis Rune.

Similarly, this quest offers players a tale of mystery, several challenges, and unique rewards.

Players must secure this coveted item to unlock the potent abilities of the Metamorphosis Rune.

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