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WoW Emerald Frenzy Event In New Patch 10.2

Emerald Frenzy is the public event introduced in the new patch of World Of Warcraft (WoW).

The event appears on the map as a bonus objective after completing the Super Bloom event.

During the Emerald Frenzy event, killing the frenzied creatures can get you as many dewdrops as possible within the time limit. Along with the dewdrops, you also get Slumbering Dream Fragment which is more uncommon.
Continue reading to learn more about the Emerald Frenzy event in Wow.

Emerald Frenzy In World Of Warcraft

Emerald Frenzy is one of the three related events in the new patch of World of Warcraft.

This event happens twice every hour and lasts for 10 minutes after the Super Bloom event.

You can easily spot where the event spawns by looking at the sword mark on the map.

Emerald frenzy event in WoW.
Locating the Emerald Frenzy event on the map with the sword icon.

Once you enter the location, the screen will get greenish, and the mobs there will be empowered.

During the event, the Frenzied creatures drop many dewdrops and slumbering fragments.

You can convert these fragments into renewed dreams that contain various items, such as Emerald Dream recipes and dream seeds.

Items you get in Emerald Frenzy event
Mobs drop Emerald dewdrops and Slumbering Dream Fragment during the event.

The main objective of this event is to kill as many mobs as possible to collect more Dewdrops currencies.

Additionally, you’ll also get a dream seed just by completing the Emerald Frenzy event.

You can then use all your acquired seeds and dewdrops to participate in the Emerald Bounty event.

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Public Events In Wow Dragonflight Patch 10.2 

In World of Warcraft, the new patch 10.2 has released a three-part public event.

These events are packed as three in one event, and one follows after another.

Each of the events are explained below:

1. Super Bloom

This is the first event and starts every hour where you get different objectives to finish around Sprucecrown.

Sprucecrown is a giant agent that must ensure it cultivates many plants around the New World tree.

Further, it is similar to the time rifts as many players are in the same event zone.

But they have different objectives to complete. You gather bloom by completing the objectives in the Super Bloom event.

The more bloom you gather, the better rewards you’ll get at the end of the event.

After you complete Super Bloom, you get random rewards such as gears, currency and dream seeds necessary to unlock Emerald Bounty.

2. Emerald Frenzy

A greenish hue appears on the screen after you enter the Emerald Frenzy zone.

This is a limited-time event, so kill as many mobs as possible.

You should kill as many mobs marked with Emerald Frenzy buff in this zone as possible.

As the mobs will drop large quantities of Emerald Dewdrops.

Emerald Frenzy marked on the map.
The Emerald Frenzy zone on the map is marked with a smaller horn.

You need emerald dewdrops along with dream seeds to feed the plants during the Emerald Bounty event.

3. Emerald Bounty

After you complete the Super Bloom and Emerald Frenzy, you should have enough dream seeds and dew drops to start this event.

These are marked on your mini-map with a green seed icon.

Once you are near one, plant a seed, whether a small plump or gigantic seeds, to start growing.

Further, you can contribute the dewdrops to the seeds someone is growing to collect rewards.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Emerald Frenzy event in WoW is a great source for earning Emerald Dewdrop and Slumbering Dream Fragments.

However, the mobs are very powerful when the event is active for 10 minutes.

Further, after completing this event, you get a dream seed reward and can advance to Emerald bounty.

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