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Enshrouded: How To Delete The Character?

Enshrouded is a new action-adventure survival game that lets players create and customize their own characters.

However, during the character creation, players may select the wrong option and wish to start over.

This has made players wonder if it’s possible to delete their characters in Enshrouded.

Continue reading to learn more about character customization and how to delete the character in the game.

Character Creation In Enshrouded: An Overview

The character creation system in Enshrouded has several options to create your ideal character prior to embarking on the adventure.

Players can choose between male and female genders, and customize the face and body shape from a set of given presets.

Further, it is also possible to change the skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, hair color, and facial hair.

Create character in Enshrouded
At the beginning of the game, players can create their characters according to their preferences.

However, you can’t edit certain attributes outside the presets, such as the size and shape of your nose, mouth, ears, etc.

Moreover, with the various options in the create character menu, players can create a perfect character for the game.

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Can You Delete The Character In Enshrouded?

Once a character is created in Enshrouded, players cannot change its appearance in the game.

Further, if you want to delete your character and start over, there is no easy way to do that in the game yet.

The only way to start over with a new character is to either begin a new game or use a mod.

This means that it’s important to choose your character’s appearance and voice carefully, as they cannot be changed later.

Alternative Options To Delete Character In Enshrouded

Deleting the character is not possible in the game, as there is no in-game option to delete or edit the Character.

However, here are possible options to delete the character in Enshrouded:

1. Modify Game’s Save Files

One possible solution is to use the modding community’s tools to access the game’s save files and character data.

You can find these files in the Steam directory of Enshrouded.

Likewise, you can delete the file containing your character’s information and create a new one there.

However, this method is not officially supported by the developers and may cause some issues with the game.

2. Create A New World

Players can start over, by simply creating a new world in the world creation menu.

Further, you can also create a new character once you select the game mode.

new world enshrouded
One option to create a new character is to make a new world and start over.

To do so, you can click the button near where your current character appears on the left of the screen.

3. Wait For Future Updates

Another option is to wait for a future update that may add the option to edit or delete your character in the game.

Since the game is still in its early access, the developers have stated that they are working on adding more features and improvements.

So, it is possible that they will address this topic in the future and add an in-game option to delete the character easily.

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