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Enshrouded XP Glitch: Increase Level And Skill Fast

Like every survival game, fans are looking for an XP glitch in Enshrouded that can help them save time.

XP in enshrouded helps players unlock new buildings, recipes, and weapons progressively in the game.

Hence, players must learn direct and indirect ways to level up in the game to unlock new in-game elements.

Continue reading this article to learn about how to farm XP and whether there is an XP glitch in Enshrouded.

XP And Its Purpose In Enshrouded

Enshrouded is an open-world survival game, meaning that it is bound to contain various resources.

Each new resource is unlocked after players accumulate enough XP to level up in the game.

Xp can help to unlock new items
New items are unlocked once players level up by collecting enough XP.

Additionally, it can help players to gain skill points, which can be used to learn or upgrade a skill.

Specifically, players must either complete main quests or set up an XP farm to collect XP.

Currently, there are three main ways to earn XP points in Enshrouded. They are:

  • Kill Enemies
  • Unlock New Areas
  • Mining Ores

Players must note that the scale of XP points depends upon the Ore rarity and Enemy level in the game.

Two Ways To Level Up Fast Using XP Glitch In Enshrouded

There are direct and indirect ways to level up in Enshrouded which are as follows:

1. Completing Quests and Exploring(Direct)

The direct method allows players to gain XP how the game intended them to do so.

Specifically, players must begin by placing a Flame Altar on their base to set up a spawn point.

Now, players must gather some basic resources like wood from the trees to craft a Crafting Bench.

To unlock the quests, players must rescue NPCs like Blacksmith, Carpenter, etc, and bring them to their base.

enshrouded xp glitch
Players can directly collect XP by completing quests in Enshrouded.

However, players must create a living space for them to assign them to that room.

After doing so, players can interact with the desired NPC’s to choose their desired questline.

Alternatively, players can gain up to 500 XP by discovering a new map location in the world.

2. Farming Shroud Roots and Enemies(Indirect)

The indirect method of farming XP is possible if players farm for Shroud Roots.

Here are various steps that they must follow to set up a Shroud Root farming strategy:

  • Players must start by leveling up their flame altar to level 2.
  • Place flame altars in strategic locations on the map for maximum XP gain.
  • In total, players can place up to four flame altars around the Enshrouded world.
Farming shroud roots for XP
Players can farm Shroud Roots to farm for XP indirectly.
  • Players must head towards the purple marking on the map to find Shrouded Roots.
  • Before farming the Shrouded Roots, players must defeat all the enemies around them.
  • Also, players can sleep during the night to fast-forward time and refresh Shroud roots.

Enshrouded XP Farm Glitch 

Since the start of 2024, survival games like Fortnite and Palworld have already encountered various XP glitches.

Hence, players wonder if there is one for the Enshrouded game as it falls under the same genre.

However, players have not reported a single Xp glitch in the game as it is very new.

So the game has yet to introduce new structures and mechanics in the game to birth an XP Glitch potentially.

Therefore, players must become active in the Enshrouded community to learn about the XP glitch in the future.

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