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How To Defeat Final Boss In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, players must encounter several bosses alongside the final boss to complete the survival mode of the early game.

Enshrouded is the recently launched survival game that presents various dynamics for players to enjoy.

Hence, players must prepare themselves for challenging battles as they should defeat some of the formidable bosses and the final boss.

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Available Bosses In Enshrouded

In the vast realm of Enshrouded, players must embark on a journey to become a strong warrior in the game.

The bosses are scattered all around the map, and it presents a significant challenge to defeat them.

Players must learn about all of the available bosses in the Enshrouded to triumph in its early version.

Here is the list of all the available bosses in Enshrouded and tips to defeat them easily in Enshrouded.

1. The Fell Thunderbrute

The Fell Thunderbrute is the first boss you encounter while playing the survival mode of Enshrouded.

Similarly, players come across this formidable boss at the end of the “Clear the Elixir Well” quest in Enshrouded.

Likewise, players can find this boss by traveling to the difficult location called “Shroud”.

Reaching Shroud might be difficult for players without the gliders, so craft a glider before navigating on your journey.

Players can easily defeat this boss by simply dodging his attacks and attacking him using their magic bows and arrows.

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2. Vukah Brawler

Vukah Brawler is the second boss that you must battle to progress further in the Enshrouded’s survival mode.

Similarly, players encounter the Vukah Brawler boss during the  “Vukah Ceremony” quest in Enshrouded.

Players should travel east from the Carpenter’s Ancient Vault to fight the Vukah Brawler boss in the game.

To defeat this boss, players should not get too close to him as it deals heavy damage during its close range.

Moreover, players should also avoid his attacks and use their archery and fire magic skills on him continuously.

3. Scavenger Matrons

The third boss players encounter in their survival mode is Scavenger Matrons.

Players should travel across the map to find the scavenger camps to locate the Scavenger Matron Boss in the game.

Boss In Enshrouded
A player is battling with the Scavenger Gorger Matron in Enshrouded.

Similarly, players must fight with two types of Scavenger Matrons: Scavenger Gorger Matron and Scavenger Grizzler Matron.

Thus, players should prioritize ranged fire attacks on their back while fighting the Scavenger Matrons in Enshrouded.

4. Fell Wispwyvern: Final Boss In Early Stage

The Fourth and final boss of the Enshrouded Survival mode is Fell Wispwyvern.

Fell Wispwyvern is the massive dragon that breathes the frost breath which deals heavy damage to the players.

Similarly, it is the hardest and most difficult boss to defeat in the Enshrouded as it is massive and has high HP.

The Final Boss, Fell Wispwyvern, has thick, icy scales that protect it from all kinds of attacks, making this boss hard to defeat.

Moreover, the Fell Wispwyvern also summons the little minions during the battle to aid it during the battle.

Subsequently, players come across this boss while partaking in the “Reach The Capital, Pikemead’s Reach” quest.

Defeat Fell Wispwyvern: Tough Boss In Early Enshrouded

Once you begin your battle with the Fell Wispwyyvern there is no returning, either you have to kill him or get killed.

The Fell Wispwyvern is the final and most formidable boss that can deal huge damage output for the players.

The boss presents significant challenges for the players and they must come prepared before battling this boss.

Final Boss In Enshrouded
A player is battling with the final boss called Fell Wispwyvern in Enshrouded.

It is necessary to carry both elixir buffs on your inventory before you proceed to fight the final boss in Enshrouded.

Besides that, players should also carry the Firebombs and Bows with them to deal heavy damage to the Fell Wispwyvern.

Here are some tips for players to defeat the Fell Wispwyvern boss  in Enshrouded:

  • Players should always maintain their distance while fighting the Fell Wispwyvern in Enshrouded.
  • Maintaining distance is crucial, as Wispwyvern’s frost breath can kill you instantly.
  • Similarly, players should be careful while attacking it from behind as it can Stun them through its tail.
  •  Moreover, once the final boss breathes into the sky, go away from the circles in the ground, as it can deal damage around the circle.
  • The players can attack the Fell Wispwyvern once it roars for reinforcements.
  • Attack its mouth with the heavy damaging weapon to stun the final boss and make it vulnerable to all damages.
  • Once it is vulnerable, take this time and deal maximum damage as you can to defeat the Fell Wispwyvern successfully.
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