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Enshrouded Pickaxe: How To Get And Craft It For Digging And Mining?

Crafting a pickaxe in Enshrouded is a crucial skill for any Flameborn starting the journey to save Embervale.

Even though a pickaxe is a basic mining tool, it can be very useful in mining valuable materials in the game.

In addition, players can also upgrade the basic pickaxe to extract valuable shroud materials like Glider and Grappling Hook.

Continue reading to learn more about crafting a pickaxe in Enshrouded.

Save Embervale From The Shroud In Enshrouded

In the exciting land of Enshrouded, an evil presence called the Shroud is trying to destroy Embervale.

The shroud is a thick evil fog that can be found in specific areas of the game.

Furthermore, the shroud emerges from the depths of the Elixir Wells and creates challenges and dangers for players.

In this game, you play the Flameborn, a main character made by Ancient humans.

Your main job, as the Flameborn, is to wake up and save Embervale from the Shroud.

To survive and progress through the game, you must be equipped with tools and gear, so you must create a pickaxe.

The Call From The Flame

In Enshrouded, when you start playing, the first thing you do is create your character by choosing how they look.

Next, you select the game mode options and you will find yourself waking up in the Cinder Vault.

After a brief history lesson on what’s happening in Embervale, you can begin your journey to save it.

As you progress through the game, the flame calls you in Enshrouded.

Hence, your character Flameborn will receive a special message from the Flame, telling you to build the Flame Altar.

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Why Is Crafting A Pickaxe Important In Enshrouded?

The Flame Altar is like your main home, where you come back to life if you die in the game.

But before you get into building this important structure, it’s necessary to equip yourself with some basic tools.

Thus, you need some basic tools like an axe, pickaxe, and torch to help you progress in the game.

For instance, you’ll need an axe for cutting stuff, a pickaxe for digging and mining, and a torch for light.

Crafting pickaxe in enshrouded
You can craft a basic pickaxe in Enshrouded that has 11 attack damage, 6 stamina cost, and 180 max durability.

To equip yourself with a pickaxe in Enshrouded, you must craft it with various materials.

The pickaxe is an important tool because it helps you dig and mine resources to stay alive in the game.

So, before you dive into building the Flame Altar, make sure you create a pickaxe to make your life easier in the game.

How To Craft A Pickaxe In Enshrouded?

To make a pickaxe in Enshrouded, you must collect certain materials from the surroundings.

The materials that are required for crafting a pickaxe are one stone, four twigs, and one string.

1. Collect Necessary Materials For Pickaxe

You can collect small stones from the ground or hit the big rocks with sharp weapons.

Similarly, you can collect twigs by cutting down small branches of trees and then plant fiber in that spot.

Collect twigs for pickaxe enshrouded
You must collect four twigs from the trees and one string by planting fiber to obtain materials for crafting pickaxe.

The string binds things together so it is an extremely important item in crafting pickaxe.

Additionally, you can obtain string by planting fiber in the ground in Enshrouded.

2. Craft Pickaxe From Crafting Menu

When you collect all the essential materials, press V to open the crafting menu and choose the pickaxe to put it together.

Consequently, you will craft a basic pickaxe with 11 attack damage, 6 stamina cost, and 180 max durability.

This basic pickaxe helps you at the beginning of the game to dig up mining resources like Flintstone.

Flintstone is an essential resource that is useful for crafting tools, weapons, and armor in the game.

Collect stone for pickaxe
You must collect one stone from the ground to craft a pickaxe in enshrouded.

Moreover, it will also be useful to dig up other essential resources scattered across Embervale.

Crafting the pickaxe is easy as it can be made from simple materials you find in your surroundings.

Even though the pickaxe has low efficiency and durability, it can be a useful item throughout the game.

How To Upgrade Basic Pickaxe In Enshrouded?

As you go further in Enshrouded, you can enhance the stats of your pickaxe for better performance.

You must go to the blacksmith with eight Metal Scraps and one piece of Shroud Wood to do this.

Hence, you can upgrade your regular basic pickaxe to a stronger and better Scrappy Pickaxe.

Further, to obtain 8 metal scraps, you must defeat enemies from the Shroud whereas Shroud Wood comes from trees within the Shroud.

Moreover, the upgraded Scrappy Pickaxe helps you mine resources better, making it easier to collect what you need.

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