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Where To Find Rake In Enshrouded? Best Uses

If you are looking for a way to create your own farm in Enshrouded, you will need a rake tool.

This tool allows you to level the ground and plant seeds for various crops.

Continue reading to learn how to craft and use the rake in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded Rake 

An enshrouded rake is a tool that you can craft and use in the game.

There are indeed two types of rakes you can get in Enshrouded: Basic rake and Shrouded rake.

1. Basic Rake

The rake can be used to clear grass and leaves from the ground.

Additionally, it can be useful for creating a flat surface for building or farming.

One can use the rake can as a weapon, although it is not very effective compared to other tools.

It has a durability of 50 and a damage of 5.

You can unlock the basic rake by completing the “Gatherer’s Tools” quest.

One can use the rake can as a weapon.

Unlock The Gatherer’s Tools Quest

The Gatherer’s Tools quest is a primary quest given to you by the Villager, an NPC.

You can invite the NPC to your base after completing the Claim a Spot for Your Base quest.

Further, will ask you to craft a rake and a shovel, two tools that can help you clear the ground and dig for resources.

To craft these tools, you will need a Workbench, which is the first production place that you can craft in the game.

You will also need some Wood, Metal, and String, which you can find by harvesting trees, rocks, and plants, or looting containers and enemies.

Once you have crafted the rake and the shovel, you can return to the Villager and complete the quest.

You will receive some rewards, such as XP, coins, and seeds, and you will unlock new crafting recipes. 

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2. Scrappy Rake

This is an upgraded rake that’s more durable and has a larger area of effect.

You can’t actually find the Scrappy rake in the world.

Significantly, you must craft it at the Blacksmith using 3 Strings, 5 Metal Scraps, and 5 Shroud Wood.

The Scrappy rake clears grass and leaves from the ground and other debris such as bones and rubble.

Further, it can be used as a weapon and is slightly more powerful than the rake.

The Scrappy rake has a durability of 100 and a damage of 10.

Unlock The Blacksmith

You must complete the Sleeping Survivor quest to unlock the Blacksmith in Enshrouded.

This quest involves finding and rescuing the Blacksmith from the Ancient Vault.

The Ancient Vault is located to the northwest of Braelyn Bridge.

You can cross using a Grappling Hook and a Glider, or by traveling through the Shroud.

Once you reach the Ancient Vault, you must defeat some enemies and free the Blacksmith from a tube.

Then, you can fast-travel back to your base and summon the Blacksmith using a staff.

The Blacksmith will allow you to craft more advanced items and weapons.

enshrouded rake
Rakes can be used to create paths through tall grass and other vegetation.

Uses For Rakes In Enshrouded

Some of the best uses for rakes in Enshrouded:

1. Flattening Terrain

Rakes are great for smoothing out uneven ground.

This is especially useful when you’re trying to build a base or plant crops.

2. Collecting Resources

You can use rakes to collect resources like berries and mushrooms.

Just swing the rake through the area where the resources are growing and they’ll be automatically collected.

3. Creating Paths

Rakes can be used to create paths through tall grass and other vegetation.

This can make it easier to get around your base.

How To Use Rake In Enshrouded?

Some tips for using rakes in Enshrouded:

  1. When using a rake, hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to smooth out the terrain.
  2. You can also use the rake to create hills and slopes by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse up or down.
  3. Be careful not to use the rake in areas where you have planted crops, as it can damage the plants.
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