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The Essence Of Luck In Lego Fortnite: Ultimate Guide

Lego Fortnite provides many essences for players to enhance their tools and the Essence of Luck is one of them.

However, there are some prerequisites that they must fulfill to get their hands on the Essence of Luck.

In Lego Fortnite, players can access the essence of luck enchantment after crafting an essence table using one of Rough: Sapphire, Ruby, and Amber. But players must go to different biomes to gather all these ingredients.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Essence of Luck in Lego Fortnite.

Introduction To Essence Of Luck In Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite, a rarity cap on tools does not allow players to get a more powerful tool.

Thus, the game introduces the concept of essence, allowing players to upgrade their weapons with some additional properties.

However, players can only unlock essences after crafting an Essence Table, adding a new challenge to the game.

Essence table essence of luck
Creating Essence Table to Unlock Essence of Luck.

Players must collect 20 Flexwood and 6 cut Amber from different biomes to craft an essence table.

Then, players can use these ingredients to craft an Essence table to unlock four essence enchantments.

Finally, interacting with the essence table displays the Essence of Luck which appears with a four-leaf clover icon.

According to the game, the essence of luck allows players a chance to gain more resources per drop.

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Ingredients For The Essence Of Luck In Lego Fortnite

Every recipe in Lego Fortnite comes with its own ingredients as a prerequisite to unlock them.

Similarly, the essence of luck also consists of a unique recipe that is the hardest to acquire.

Specifically, players must collect one of each Rough: Sapphire, Ruby, and Amber from different biomes.

Farming for sapphire for essence of luck
Farming for Rough Sapphire: One of the ingredients to unlock Essence of Luck.

Firstly, players can collect the Rough Ruby and Amber from inside the lava caves in desert biomes.

Then, they can farm the Rough Sapphire inside ice caves within the ice biome.

However, they must note that farming these ingredients requires Epic tools like Pickaxes.

Hence, a high-level Crafting Bench is a must for players to get these epic tools.

How To Use The Essence Of Luck In Lego Fortnite?

Players can easily test the mechanism of the essence of luck by following some steps and are:

  1. Firstly, players must enhance a tool of their choice with the essence of luck. For example: A pickaxe.
Essence Of Luck
Using Essence of Luck in Lego Fortnite.
  1. Secondly, they can go to any caves around them and start to look for raw items like stones.
  2. Then, they can start farming with the enhanced pickaxe until loot drops on the ground.
  3. In doing so, players will notice that they will gain more resources at once instead of one.
  4. Therefore, players can use the enhanced pickaxe to farm for rare materials like Sapphire and Ruby.
  5. However, they must note that the enhancement wears off after a tool is broken.

Players can utilize the Essence of luck in a tool after learning the above guidelines.

Additionally, they can imbue their tool with an Essence of Durability beforehand for prolonged effect.

The Bottom Line

Essence of Luck is one of the most broken enchantments in the game as it can double the resource gain.

However, attaining one is quite difficult as it requires a high-level crafting bench and rare items.

Therefore, online guidance about this topic can help players quickly achieve this goal.

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