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Explore Skyscraper Blastoff In Monopoly Go

Skyscraper Blast Off is an event in Monopoly GO, a mobile game based on the classic board game Monopoly.

If you’re a fan of Monopoly, then you’re sure to love Skyscraper Blastoff Monopoly Go.

Skyscraper Blastoff Monopoly Go is a new and exciting twist on the classic Monopoly game. Players start by buying and developing properties on the board, just like in the original game.

This article discusses the Skyscraper and the Skyscraper Blastoff in Monopoly Go.

What Is Skyscraper In Monopoly Go?

A skyscraper is a unique structure players can build on their properties in Monopoly GO.

One of the tallest structures you can construct, a skyscraper may drastically raise your rent and revenue.

Moreover, the skyscraper, one of the most expensive buildings to construct, needs a lot of materials and cash.

Only specific events, such as the current game’s Skyscraper Blast Off event, make Skyscraper accessible.

In Monopoly Go, skyscrapers may be desirable since they give players a sizable cash stream.

However, layers should carefully evaluate their money before building a skyscraper since they may also be expensive.

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Skyscraper Blastoff Event In Monopoly Go: Build Skyscraper

The Skyscraper Blastoff event allows you to build skyscrapers on your properties and earn rewards such as coins, gems, and tokens.

To build a skyscraper in Monopoly GO, you must participate in the Skyscraper Blast Off event.

The event is currently ongoing in the game.

In tournaments, you may face off against other players and go up the leaderboard to win additional rewards.

Here are the steps to build a skyscraper in Monopoly GO:

1. Access The Event

You must first touch on the Skyscraper Blast Off symbol on the game’s home screen to gain access to the event.

A new board with various towns and regions will appear for you to explore and purchase properties from.

2. Roll The Dice

The next step is to travel around the board and roll the dice.

skyscraper monopoly go
You have the option to roll the dice.

You will notice the option to construct a skyscraper when you land on a piece of real estate you own or wish to purchase.

Additionally, building skyscrapers on land already home to residences or hotels is possible.

3. Abundant Coins

Furthermore, you must have enough resources and coins to build a skyscraper.

You can gather resources, including wood, brick, steel, and glass, by landing on resource spots or trading with other players.

Coins are the game’s money; you may get them by paying rent, overcoming obstacles, or participating in mini-games.

4. Select Build Button

Moreover, you must hit the build button and choose the skyscraper option if you have enough resources and cash.

A progress indicator that displays the building’s estimated completion time will be visible.

You can use gems or enlist the aid of your buddies to speed up the process.

5. Get Your Skyscraper

When construction is complete, a skyscraper icon will appear on your property.

Your rent, income, and tournament score will significantly increase due to the tower.

Additionally, you can enhance your skyscraper to increase its value and aesthetic appeal.

Tips For Participating In Skyscraper Blastoff Event

Players can upgrade their Monopoly City properties and gain new prizes by participating in the Skyscraper Blastoff Event.

It is a fantastic opportunity for players to stretch themselves and discover fresh game features.

The following advice can help you take part in the Skyscraper Blastoff Event:

  • Take your most valuable assets and erect skyscrapers there. The amount of rent you can collect will increase as a result.
  • Further, don’t spend too much money on skyscrapers. Ensure you have enough money to cover other bills like rent. 
  • Block other players from constructing their skyscrapers by using skyscrapers. They may be unable to raise their rent payments as a result.
  • Also, acquire the properties you need to construct a skyscraper by trading with other players. This may be a practical approach to save costs and outwit your competitors.
  • Launch spacecraft with rockets to construct new structures. It’s a terrific method to increase the size of your space empire and gain new benefits.

The Bottom Line

Overall, skyscraper blastoff is an event where you can build skyscrapers on your properties and earn rewards such as coins, gems, and tokens.

Moreover, you can compete with other players in tournaments and climb the leaderboard to win more prizes.

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