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What Is An Exorcist In Hazbin Hotel?

Fans are curious about the mysterious and strong character known as Exorcist in Hazbin Hotel.

Furthermore, Exorcists play a big role in the storyline of the Hazbin Hotel series.

The series shows that the Exorcists are from heaven who follow heaven’s rule by doing a big clean every year in Hell.

Accordingly, the role of Exorcists is the answer to the constant fight between Heaven and Hell in Hazbin Hotel.

Continue reading to find out more about the Exorcist in Hazbin Hotel.

What Is An Exorcist In Hazbin Hotel?

In the chaotic world of Hazbin Hotel, there is a formidable group of characters who are known as the Exorcists.

Furthermore, Exorcists are the main antagonists of the series that spice up things in Hazbin Hotel.

Exorcists are the angels that come from heaven every year for a harsh job called the Extermination.

Similarly, the mission of the Exorcists in the Hazbin Hotel is to get rid of demons and sinners in Hell.

The Exorcists in Hazbin Hotel look like normal people but they wear a uniform of black white and grey attire.

In addition, they wear black halos with crystals and masks that show different feelings on LED screens.

They wear grey dresses, white belts, black leggings, long gloves, high-heeled boots etc.

Moreover, Exorcists wear big grey wings on their backs that let them fly in Hazbin Hotel.

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Why Do Exorcists Come For Extermination?

The leader of the Exorcist in Hazbin Hotel is Adam who formed an extermination group.

However, after he died in the series, the leader of the Exorcists is Sera Seraphim.

Some other members of the extermination group are Lute and Vaggie in the series.

In Hazbin Hotel, the role of Exorcists is to control Hell’s overpopulation.

Siera Hazbin Hotel
After Adam’s death, Siera is the new leader of the Exorcists in Hazbin Hotel.

To control Hell’s growing number of demons and sinners, Exorcists come to Hell for the big event, the Extermination.

The special thing about their role is that only their angelic weapons can make sure these Hell residents are gone forever.

Non-Exorcists can also kill sinners using scavenged angelic weapons in the Hazbin Hotel.

But only the Exorcists possess the power and the tools for mass extermination in Hell.

Weapons Of the Exorcists In Hazbin Hotel

The Exorcists in Hazbin Hotel carry an angelic weapon which looks like a spear.

By carrying the angelic spear, exorcists show their fighting skills in a reckless and wild way.

Sometimes, the Exorcists also drop their weapons after exterminating demons to show dominance.

According to the series creator, Vivienne Medrano, they wield a variety of weapons, including guns, knives, swords, and spears.

Exorcists Are Reckless Fighters 

The personality of the Exorcists is cold and they have always a murderous intent.

As they are invulnerable and regular weapons can’t hurt them, they fight in a messy and overconfident way.

Carmilla Carmine, a character in the series says that they’re not good fighters as they’re too sure of themselves.

As the power level of Exorcists in the series is god level and they are invulnerable they don’t even use shield and armor for protection.

As the Exorcists take joy in violence and killing, they go after demons outside the building during the extermination process.

However, as the Exorcists are overconfident and messy fighters they often leave their weapons on the battlefield.

Later, people in Hell pick up these valuable weapons and sell them on the black market.

Weakness Of The Exorcists In Hazbin Hotel

Even though Exorcists seem super strong, they have a weak point and can be killed in the series.

In the Hazbin Hotel series, a demon named Carmilla Carmine was the first one to kill one of the Exorcists.

Hence, Carmilla used the weapons dropped by the Exorcists during battle to kill one of them.

Surprisingly, the one way to kill the Exorcists is by using their weapons.

Carmilla Carmine In Hazbin Hotel
Carmilla Carmine is the fallen angel who was able to kill one of the Exorcists using their own weapons in the Hazbin Hotel.

When an Exorcist dies in the series, their white LED mask turns to red.

And their mask goes from showing a big smile with a toothy grin to a sad expression.

Even though Exorcists usually are violent and bloodthirsty, the series shows us that sometimes one of them can have a change of heart.

This makes them more interesting because you can’t always predict what they’ll do.

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