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Facebook Only Showing Old Posts: Possible Fixes

Popular Social Media platform Facebook is currently only showing old posts in the news feed.

Due to this, users are unable to get the latest update or have a blissful experience scrolling through.

Facebook Only Showing Old Posts is a current issue occurring on different platforms. Users should switch for a stable connection, manage the post-filtering, switch the device or the browser, reinstall the app, clear the cache and contact Facebook technical support.

Continue reading to learn about Facebook only showing old posts issues and its solution.

Facebook Only Showing Old Post Issue

Facebook has taken over other social media sites for over ten years now.

People use the platform not only to be present around family and friends but to get news around the world constantly.

Unfortunately, due to ongoing post issues on Facebook, users are facing a huge issue and looking for a solution.

People are constantly getting photos, news and other posts from 2-3 days ago.

Also, users are pessimistic about whether their posts will land on friends’ and followers’ feeds.

If the Influencer’s posts or videos do not get much attention or have enough views, they might have to compromise on revenue generation.

Solutions To Facebook Only Showing Old Posts

If users are getting only old posts on their news feed on Facebook, follow the given solutions;

1. Internet Connection

The main reason users often get old posts on any social media platform, including Facebook, is poor internet connection.

Initially, users should check the internet speed from the browser or the ISP app.

If the Internet speed is poor, contact technical support, move closer to the route,r or get mobile data.

Moreover, if users use the Facebook browser, use the LAN connection for the stable network.

2. Post Filtering

Facebook and Instagram have always been known to share engaging content with the users they spend most of their time in.

There’s a high chance users are getting the same set of content, and the new posts are not showing up.

Facebook occasionally asks the users if they are interested or not in many posts while scrolling the feed.

If users mistakenly tap the Not Interested button, specific creator posts will not show up; hence, people will be getting their old posts.

3. Switch The Platform

On many occasions, the Facebook issue only occurs on certain platforms, including iOS or Android.

If people face a problem with the application, use the browsers to scroll through the media.

Otherwise, users can switch the device and check if the post is still not refreshed on PCs or other devices.

4. Restart And Reinstall

If users are still getting old posts on Facebook, they should log out of their profiles and enter their credentials again.

facebook only showing old posts
Log in with the username and password in the Facebook app.

Users should also clear the Facebook app cache through their mobile settings.

Facebook and other apps and platforms have many minor glitches, so constantly update the app.

Further, uninstalling and reinstalling the app through the Play Store or App Store is another solution users can try.

Using the simplest of solutions often works to fix the issue on various Apps, so also try restarting the device.

5. Change Location

In a few cases, Facebook issues occur only in certain regions.

Initially, users should change their location if they use the browser.

Further, users should install an excellent VPN, switch their regions and check the issue is solved.

The Bottom Line

Due to Facebook’s old post issue, users do not get the breaking news on time or follow the entertainment through a single scroll.

This issue is more likely a minor Facebook bug rather than a user’s fault, so follow the latest update of the social media platforms.

Nonetheless, users can still use some measures, including re-installing the app, switching the browser, or consulting tech support.

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