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Ublock Origin Not Working On YouTube 2024: Causes And Fixes

With the start of 2024, users are still complaining that ublock Origin is not working once again on YouTube.

Almost every free ad blocker has stopped working with YouTube’s new anti-adblock campaign at full throttle.

If you are wondering why ublock Origin is not working on YouTube in 2024, it is because YouTube constantly changes its adblock detection scripts. This compels ad blockers to release a new patch multiple times a month.

Continue reading this article to learn why ublock Origin is not working on YouTube in 2024.

What Is Ublock Origin?

After YouTube’s recent new terms of service, many Ad blockers have stopped working.

This has created a significant scene in online communities where users can be seen expressing their distress.

However, ublock Origin is noteworthy for blocking ads on websites such as YouTube and Facebook.

uBlock Origin on YouTube
The active ublock Origin screen for YouTube Adblocks.

It is an open-source ad-blocker, which is free to download directly from Git Hub.

Ublock Origin works in all browsers and is well-known for its low resource consumption in the online community.

Furthermore, it also provides security while online browsing, protecting users from phishing or other malicious activities.

Currently, it has over 10 million current users, which explains its versatility on all platforms.

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Why Is Ublock Origin Not Working On YouTube 2024?

The active community of ublock Origin on Reddit is always filled with questions from users.

The most common among the questions are users asking why it is not working.

When ublock Origin stops working, the entire YouTube website will not load, and users wonder why.

To keep it short, the direct answer is that YouTube works hard to change its adblock detection scripts constantly.

Therefore, Adblockers must keep up with them by overwriting those scripts every time.

Hence, ublock Origin ceases to work if users have not updated the software to the latest version.

Some users also use multiple adblockers at once, which hampers the functionality of ublock Origin.

How To Solve Ublock Origin Not Working Issue?

The ublock Origin subreddit has provided various solutions to bypass YouTube’s anti-adblock system.

Some of the solutions are mentioned below:

  1. The first and easiest solution for users is to update the program to the latest version.
  2. Removing the custom config option by unchecking the MyFilters option will help to fix the issue.
uncheck the myfilters option to fix the ublock origin not working
Uncheck the MyFilters option from the filter lists to fix the ublock Origin not working issue.
  1. Users must disable other Adblockers besides ublock Origin as YouTube can detect them.
  2. Some users have also mentioned that clearing their cache and cookies entirely solved this issue.
  3. Users must allow the extension on their browser by accessing Extensions>ublock Origin(3 dots icon)> Manage Extension>On.

However, users must note that not all the solutions might not work for them because of new updates.

The Bottom Line

The tug-of-war between YouTube and Adblockers is an intense one because there is lots of back and forth.

Amidst this chaos, ublock Origin is one of the few Adblockers that has kept up with YouTube’s every update.

Therefore, users must become active in their community to learn new ways to encounter this issue in the future.

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