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Explore The Magical Tool Hacks Quest Of Fae Farm

Another simulation game is ready for players to get their hands on, Fae Farm.

The game Fae Farm requires you to interact with other characters, Farm items and many more.

You will need valuable tools and items with the many missions you must complete in the game.

One such tool is the magical tool that can help simplify any work using different tools.

Magical Tool Hacks is a quest of Fae Farm. The quest requires you to upgrade an Iron Pickax from the blacksmith, Cinder and then use the magical abilities of the tool. Cleo, the semi-retired adventurer will give you rewards and hints along the way.

Continue reading to discover the hacks of the magical tool of Fae Farm.

Introduction To Fae Farm

Fae Farm is a farm simulation game developed by Phoenix Labs. The magical farming game takes place in the world of Azoria.

Players can farm and cultivate in lands, craft valuable items, and explore the fascinating world of Azoria.

It is another role-playing game that helps you to interact with other characters and unveil the secrets of their world.

The game is primarily developed for Nintendo Switch.

However, you can also purchase and play the game on your PC.

Also, if you are fond of the popular game Animal Crossing, you will love Fae Farm.

What Is The Magical Tool Hacks Of Fae Farm?

Magical Tool Hacks is a mission or a quest you should complete in Fae Farm.

To upgrade your tools in Fae Farm, you need to find minerals.

When you talk to Cleo at some point in the game, she will explain to you about the Magical Tool Hacks quest.

She explains that some of the metals of Azoria have been infused with magic.

This magic helps to upgrade tools so that you can work smarter, not harder.

Saltwater Mines have magical metals which are Iron, Silver, and Gold.

Additionally, the quest requires you to upgrade an Iron Pickax from Cinder.

Then, you have to use the Iron Pickax’s magical ability.

Continue reading to discover how to upgrade Staff in Fae Farm.

How To Complete The Magical Tool Hacks Quest?

Cleo, the adventurer, explains the Magical Tool Hacks quest details to you.

In addition, Cleo is a semi-retired adventurer who will give you hints throughout your journey in the game.

She will be a companion character who will help you explore the world of Azoria and also reward you.

Here is a detailed process to complete the Magical Tool Hacks:

  1. First, understand the details of the quest as explained by Cleo.
  2. Then, go to the world map.
World Map Fae Farm
The World Map of Fae Farm
  1. Select the Docks and then Cinder on the map to reach the town’s blacksmith.
Cinder Magical Tool Hacks Fae Farm
Find Cinder on the Dock region of the map
  1. Then, open the shop of the blacksmith.
Open the blacksmith shop
Cinder is the blacksmith who has the Iron Pickax
  1. Search for the Iron Pickax.
Iron Pickax for the Magical Tool Hacks quest Fae Farm
Upgrade the Iron Pickax from the blacksmith’s shop
  1. After finding the tool, upgrade it to finish the first part of the mission.
Upgrade the Iron Pickax
Upgrading the Iron Pickax is the first part of the mission.
  1. Then, find some rocks to use the magical Iron Pickax.
Use rocks for the quest
Find the rocks to use the Iron Pickax
  1. To use the magical ability, press Y on the Nintendo Switch and press F on the PC.
use the magical ability
Press X and F for Switch and PC, respectively, to use the magical ability of Iron Pickax
  1. Then, return to Cleo to gain your rewards. 
talk to cleo to complete quest
Return and interact with Cleo to complete the quest

After completing the quest, not only will you be in the good books of Cleo, but you will also get the reward.

The reward for completion of the quest is a secret key.

reward of the magical tool hacks quest fae farm
Cleo gives you a secret key as the reward for the Magical Tool Hacks quest

This secret key holds many untold mysteries you must discover for yourself.

another mission from cleo
Cleo gives you another mission to unveil more secrets of Azoria

For this other mission, you have to go to the bottom of the mines and unveil the secrets of the mine.

She also warns you to be careful as the creature behind the secret door may eat you alive.

So, be careful as you embark on your next adventure.

The Bottom Line

The Magical Tool Hacks of Fae Farm is a quest explained by the adventurer Cleo.

Some of the minerals found in the game are infused with magic which help the explorer to simplify their tasks to a much smaller degree.

Furthermore, these minerals include Iron, Gold and Silver.

To unveil the mysteries of the mission, play along and explore the world of Azoria today!

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