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How To Reach Retreats Horizon In Remnant 2?

 Remnant 2, the sequel to the best-selling game Remnant: From the Ashes, features even more intriguing worlds, items, and bosses.

One of the new dimensions in Remnant 2 is Retreat’s Horizon, a landscape surrounded by water on all sides.

Retreats Horizon is a secret dimension players can reach using Nimue’s Dream consumable. Furthermore, they can find a secret in that dimension.
This article will discuss Retreat Horizon in Remnant 2 and how to reach Retreats Horizon.

What Is Retreats Horizon In Remnant 2?

The Retreat Horizon is a large, secret dimension full of water.

The water is safe to walk around for the players.

Retreats Horizon in Remnant 2
Retreats Horizon is a secret Horizon that players can assess by consuming Nimue’s Dream.

However, While exploring, players will hit the wall once they have traveled too far.

The main objective in Retreat’s Horizon is to find the Anamy’s Echo,  an item required to craft the Crescent Moon Bow.

How To Reach Retreat’s Horizon In Remnant 2?

To Reach Retreats Horizon in Remnant 2, players need to use Nimue’s Dream consumable.

This consumable item is obtained after players get the secret weapon called dreamcatcher.

If you do not have the dreamcatcher, here is how you can obtain it,

  1. Travel to the history of the world in Losomn, and visit the Asylum location.
  2. Bring three Carved-Stone Dolls to Head Doctor’s and free her to get a Nightweaver Stone Doll in the cell.
  3. Defeat the Magister Dullain boss that will give you the Soulkey Tribute when you exit the battlefield.
  4. Use the Soulkey Tribute in The Nightweaver Web to the left of the Head Doctor cell to unlock The Tormented Asylum dimension.
  5. Finally, Visit the parallel dimension and place the Nightweaver Stone Doll in The Web in the alternate Head Doctor cell to get the dreamcatcher.

The dreamcatcher can be a versatile melee weapon controlling a vast area with a sweeping swing.

Once you receive the dream catcher, head to Nimue’s Retreat in Losmon.

There you can find the Nimue, the goddess of the Fae of Losomn.

Players only find her asleep in the random sleeping event; therefore, players must visit this place several times to find her sleeping.

Sleeping nimue
Go to the Sleeping Nimue; if she is not asleep, fast travel until you find her asleep.

If Nimue is asleep, then equip the dreamcatcher and use it on the bracelet to get Nimue’s Dream.

After that, place that item in your active slot and use it to get to Retreat’s Horizon. 

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What To Do After Reaching Retreat Horizon In Remnant 2?

Finally, to find Anamy’s Echo, you need to head towards the shining galaxy where you can locate the blue cristal floating.

Anamy's Echo
Players will Locate a floating blue crystal within this new domain called Anamy’s Echo.

Once you get Anamy’s Echo, Visit McCabe in ward 13 to craft the Crescent Moon Bow from the list of craftable items.

Retreats Horizon In Remnant 2
This Special Weapon needs Anamy’s Echo, Lumenite Crystal, and scrap to craft.

Crescent Moon Bow is the Long Gun that is crafted using the following materials;

x7 Lumenite Crystal,
x1000 Scrap
1x Anamy’s Echo.

The Bottom Line

Retreat Horizon is just a dimension to get the secret item for crafting the Crescent Moon Bow.

Furthermore, this dimension does not contain any monsters to fight.

However, it is a task worth completing because it is challenging and rewarding for the Remnant 2 players who want to explore more of the game’s secrets and myths.

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn how to reach Retreat’s Horizon in Remnant 2.

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