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Fenrir Elite Skin Leaked: Venom And R6S Collaboration?

The Fenrir Elite Skin in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege coming out with the Year 9 Season 1 update.

The Year 8 Season 1 update was Operation Dread Factor which brought the southern Swedish operator Fenrir.

Moreover, the elite skin of Fenrir came as a surprise as there were many operators left from previous years to receive an elite skin.

Read more to understand about Fenrir Elite Skin, the best Fenrir loadout along with the perfect barrel, and more.

Fenrir Elite Skin: Venom Animation

The game’s year 9 season 1 update, Operation Deadly Omen, will release the Fenrir Elite skin.

The update is scheduled to be released on March 12, 2024, bringing a variety of exciting new operators and features to the game.

fenrir elite skin
The Fenrir’s elite skin has been leaked and is being shared across all social media platforms.

Fans have really shown their appreciation for Ubisoft’s operator animation with the leaked Fenrir elite skin.

Moreover, the leaked animation shows a venom-like character coming towards the screen, and out comes Fenrir with his new suit.

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Operation Deadly Omen: Overview And Insights 

Operation Deadly Omen brings not only Fenrir’s elite skin but also Nokk’s, eliciting excitement from fans.

However, some have been disappointed with Ubisoft’s decision to give a Year 8 operator an elite skin when the Year 3 operator still hasn’t got one.

Maestro, an attacker, was introduced in Operation Para Bellum during Year Three Season Two.

Meanwhile, Alibi, a defender, has already received her elite skin, while Maestro still awaits his.

Deimos Operation Deadly Omen
Deimos, the original pillar of Team Rainbow and ardent detractor is coming out in Rainbow 6 this season.

In Operation Deadly Omen, Team Rainbow is introducing a new operator named Deimos, an attacker with two speed and health levels.

He has been given an AK-74M, a gun Nomad uses, introduced with Operation Wind Bastion.

Moreover, the update is set to bring a lot of changes to the game including attachments and ADS(Aim Down Sight).

Fenrir Elite Skin: Best Loadout With Attachments

Fenrir is a two-speed and two-health operator which makes him one of the best operators to stay somewhere close to the site.

His gadget F-NATT Dread Mine which limits a person’s field of view when activated has him be a reliable site holder. 

Moreover, the F-NATT Dread mine can be activated and deactivated as per the necessity of Fenrir.

The mines are bulletproof and only trigger when enemies step close to them, creating a bubble of smoke.

However, once activated the bulletproof status is disabled and attackers can shoot the mine, just like Melusi’s. 

The best loadout with Attachment for Fenrir to go with his elite skin are:

1. Primary Gun

Fenrir has two guns to his name 

  • MP7 Submachine Gun
  • SASG-12 Shotgun

Both really useful as per the strategy you play, a Shotgun if you like playing near your gadget, or a Submachine gun if you like catching enemies off-guard. 

However, the MP7 submachine gun is recommended due to its 40-round magazine and highly reliable recoil control.

Moreover, the use of a Suppressor and Laser Sight is also recommended for recoil control and to eliminate unnecessary movement of the gun.

2. Secondary Gun

The Bailiff 410 is by far the best pick for Fenrir as a secondary gun, a five-shot revolver that has really fast firing speed.

However, the damage and the reload speed of the gun are slow in comparison but is still recommended.

3. Gadget

The option gadgets that the game has provided Fenrir with are:

  • Bulletproof Camera x1 
  • Barbed Wire x2 

Barbed Wire to go along with his primary gadget is a really strong combination to eliminate any enemies that come close.

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