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Persona 3 Reload Floor 42 Boss: A Defeating Guide

In Persona 3 Reload, players encounter the Floor 42 boss who presents a formidable challenge to gain victory.

Persona 3 Reload offers engaging gameplay for its players, where they need to defeat some of the formidable bosses to progress forward.

Similarly, players can find the boss known as Clairvoyant Relic while exploring Floor42 in Persona 3 Reload.

Continue reading to learn more about the Floor 42 Boss in Persona 3 Reload.

Understanding The Challenges Of  Floor 42

During the gaming journey of Persona 3 Reload, players need to embark on several challenges to complete the storyline.

Similalry, while traversing around the depth of Persona 3 Reload, players encounter the formidable Clairvoyant Rellic boss in Floor 42.

Clairvoyant Relic Boss is a statue however it is extremely powerful and it can identify the weakness in its opponents.

This boss imposes a great threat to the players so players must defeat the Clairvoyant Relic Boss to progress forward.

Level 42 Boss In Persona 3 Reload
A player come across the formidable boss called Clairvoyant Relic in Floor 42.

Defeating the Clairvoyant Relic Boss is not an easy task, as it possesses a diverse arsenal of fire, ice, wind, and shock magic.

Moreover, the Clairvoyant Relic boss does not have any weaknesses, posing a formidable threat to your team.

Besides, surpassing the boss of floor 42 is quite difficult as it knows the weaknesses of all your team members.

Thus, players should focus on exploiting its vulnerabilities by strategically applying debuffs to win over this deadly boss.

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A Tactical Approach To Defeat Clairvoyant Boss

Players should concentrate on their strategy to defeat the Clairvoyant Boss as it doesn’t have any weaknesses,

Similalry, it is necessary to plan tactically before they engage with the formidable Clairvoyant Boss on Floor 42.

Since the boss does not have any weaknesses, players should focus on physical attacks and debuffing its power.

To defeat the Clairvoyant Boss, players must first travel to the 42 Floor of the Arqa block upon reaching level 16.

Upon reaching the 42nd Floor and before engaging with the boss,  it is necessary to understand that the boss can understand the player’s weaknesses.

Subsequently, players should select the right team members for the fight so they can choose Yukari, Junpeu, Akhihiki, and Yuki.

Choosing the right agents and Persona for your party is a must as you cannot choose the ones that are weak to  Fire, Ice, Wind, and Electricity.

Executing The Battle Plan On Floor 42

After you choose the right agents and Persona for battling the Clairvoyant boss, you should properly execute your battle plan.

These characters that you chose play a distinct role during the battle with the formidable boss on floor 42.

Yukari has the Sukunda that will lower a Relic’s accuracy while Akhihiko employs Tarunda to reduce the Relic’s attack.

Moreover, Junpei enhances the team’s defense with the Rakukaja and Yuki boosts his attack with Tarkaja.

Next, players should select a perfect persona for Yuki who is resilient against the Relic’s elemental attacks.

Executing The Battle Plan In Level 42
Select the right party members before engaging with the Clairvoyant Relic Boss.

Subsequently, players should focus on the precise coordination of their team members during the battle with the Relic.

Junpei focuses on strengthening the defenses, defying the direct attacks from this legendary boss.

Similarly, Akhihiko alternates between offensive strikes and debuffing the Relic’s attacks.

Moreover, Yukari combines with the Sukunda to degrade the Relic’s accuracy and Yuki uses the Tarukaja to enhance his overall damage output.

Also, focus on excluding the light and dark elements and employ the physical-based attacks to counteract the Relic’s defense.

Thus, executing these plans and keeping your team alive with Yukari’s medical ability is a key to winning against this formidable boss.

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