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Transfer Glitch In FM24: Buy Any Player For Free

Football Manager 24 or FM24 transfer glitch has left players confused and more confusingly happy. 

Moreover, the glitch lets you buy any player you choose for £0.

Imagine your team having Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland, and other big names by exploiting the transfer glitch.

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Football Manager (FM24) Transfer Glitch: Manage Clubs Easily

Football Manager 2024, developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega, represents the pinnacle of football management simulation.

Moreover, FM 24 is the latest addition to the football management series.

Released on November 6, 2023, FM24 is finely polished and has left minimal glitches or issues.

However, players have interestingly found a glitch that lets you buy any players for a £0 transfer fee.

Signing Mbappe and Haaland in FM24 transfer glitch
You can sign award-winning players or of your choice for almost no dime.

The glitch has made the challenging task of managing your football club a bit easier.

Furthermore, The glitch has been confirmed to also work on previous versions of the game, FM23, and FM22.

While some players are protesting against the glitch saying that this has made the game unrealistic and uncompetitive if you exploit this.

Some argue that this has made the game more fun and suggest keeping this as an option if they ever want to use the “feature”.

Additionally, Glory Hunter surely has been a lot easier with the glitch being around in the game.

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Transfer Glitch In FM24: How To Exploit?

There’s a belief that if it’s in the game, and is left available for players to use, it’s free to use.

The glitch has been around for quite some time now and has been there for players to discover the game’s new feature.

The glitch works if you offer the following to the player’s club of your choice:

  1. Transfer Fee £0, very elegantly.
  2. Installments £1k
  3. £2.5 million after 50 games.

Moreover, the Ultimate Football Managerial Experience will be even more ultimately powerful using this glitch.

Pro-tip: Your in-game currency has to be changed to £(pounds); any other currency, including €(Euro), will not work.

Below is the Step-by-step guide on how to perform the glitch and sign the “Transfer of the Season” to your club:

1. Player Selection

You should head over to the transfer window to make an offer for the player of your choice.

Begin by searching for the player you wish to make an offer for. Once you’ve found them, select them to proceed.

2. Initiate Offer

You should then make a generous offer to the club where your desired player currently is.

Moreover, you must hover over the transfer option and then click “Make an Offer” to begin the process. Set the fee to £0.

3. Add Installment Option

Make sure you do this step as it’s a very essential one to make the transfer happen.

Navigate to additional fees and select the option +add. Then, choose the 6-monthly installment plan.

4. Adjust Installment Value

You should also adjust the installment value in the transfer window setting beforehand.

In addition, you must modify the default installment value of £1k to £1.2k per installment.

5. Additional Fees: League Appearances

The players have tried to perform the glitch with just 30-40 games and have confirmed that it doesn’t work that way.

Thus, once again in the additional fees section, choose “After League Appearances” and select 50 games.

7. Adjust After League Appearances Fee

You need to change the add-on fees of the transfer after the player has played a certain number of games in your club.

Hence, change the default fee of £1k to £2.5 million after the player has made 50 league appearances.

Transfer window menu FM24 transfer glitch
Your transfer window offering should look like this.

8. Suggest Terms And Make Offer For FM24 Transfer Glitch

You should click the option to suggest terms, your terms will be accepted by the player then proceed to make the offer.

Additionally, You can even add a clause so the other team pays 50% of the wages of the player.

Pro-tip: The player too has to be interested in joining your club, otherwise the process will not work.
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