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Why Is Madden 24 Game Pass Not Working?

In Madden 24, players express frustration as they report encountering unexpected hurdles with Game Pass not working.

Despite purchasing the game outright, players find themselves locked out of gameplay and prompted to subscribe to Game Pass.

Thankfully, there are various approaches for addressing the bug that is causing the Madden 24 Game Pass to malfunction.

Continue reading to learn about how to fix the Madden 24 game pass not working issues.

Insights Into Madden 24 Game Pass

Madden 24 Game Pass offers an enticing opportunity for players to experience the latest installment of the football franchise.

This latest iteration of the Madden series introduces exciting new gameplay mechanics for players.

Madden NFL 24 Game
Madden 24 is the latest refined installment in the iconic Madden NFL franchise.

Further, it includes an upgraded passing system that adds depth and versatility to player strategies in Madden NFL 24.

A Madden 24 game pass subscription is priced at $17 a month and it offers various perks for players.

Similarly, players can enjoy an expanded in-game playbook which features over 70 new formations in the game.

Moreover, Madden 24 Game Pass presents an enticing opportunity to delve into the excitement of virtual gridiron action.

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Causes Of The Madden 24 Game Pass Not Working Issue

Madden 24, the latest game in the iconic football franchise, offers players the opportunity to immerse themselves in virtual action.

However, players have occasionally reported encountering frustrating hurdles, such as the Madden 24 Game Pass issues.

Game Pass of Madden 24
Madden 24’s Game Pass heralds an era of unparalleled accessibility and immersion for football enthusiasts.

There are several factors could contribute to the Madden 24 Game Pass not working issue, such as:

1. Technical Glitches

Madden 24 Game Pass may encounter technical glitches within its software architecture, leading to authentication failures.

These glitches could stem from coding errors, memory management issues, or conflicts with other system processes.

Further, it is preventing the game from properly recognizing the player’s valid Game Pass subscription.

2. Account Syncing Problems

Players may experience difficulties with account syncing between their Xbox console and the Game Pass service.

This could result from discrepancies in player credentials, synchronization delays, or errors in the authentication process.

Similarly, these issues impede Madden 24 from accurately verifying the player’s subscription status, thus causing the game to malfunction.

3. Subscription Status

Issues related to the Game Pass subscription itself, such as payment failures or an expired subscription, can lead to authentication problems.

Likewise, the Game Pass service may mistakenly prompt the player to purchase a subscription.

It may also limit access to gameplay features if it does not recognize or properly register the player’s subscription.

4. Game Updates

Updates or patches released for Madden 24 may inadvertently introduce bugs or compatibility issues with the Game Pass service.

Sometimes these updates can inadvertently disrupt the authentication process, causing the game to fail to recognize the game pass.

5. Licensing Issues

Madden 24’s licensing agreements with Xbox Game Pass may encounter complications, resulting in authentication failures.

These issues could arise from discrepancies in license validation, contractual disputes, or changes in licensing terms.

Consequently, the game may incorrectly prompt players to purchase a game pass subscription despite having purchased the game separately.

6. Server Outages

Temporary outages or disruptions in Xbox Game Pass servers can prevent Madden 24 from verifying the player’s subscription status.

Similarly, server outages may occur due to maintenance activities, high server loads, or technical issues.

As a result, the game may be unable to authenticate the player’s subscription, leading to the non-working issue.

How To Fix The Madden 24 Game Pass Issue?

Encountering technical issues while trying to access Madden 24 through the Game Pass service can be a frustrating experience for players.

Moreover,  players can follow these steps to get rid of Madden 24 game pass not working issues:

1. Verify Subscription Status

Firstly, players must ensure that their Game Pass subscription is active and properly registered to their account.

Similarly, players can check their account settings to confirm subscription details and ensure there are no payment issues.

2. Restart The Console And Game

Sometimes, a simple restart of your Xbox console and the Madden 24 game can resolve temporary glitches or connectivity issues.

So, players can power off their console, wait for a few minutes, then power it back on and relaunch the game.

3. Check For Updates

You need to ensure that both Madden 24 and your Xbox console have the latest updates installed.

Moreover, updates often include bug fixes and patches that may address compatibility issues with the Game Pass service.

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