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Guide To Focused Intention Challenge In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 offers players with different seasonal challenges that reward lots of Bright Dust upon completion.

Focused Intention is one of the challenging activities in Week 1 of the new Season of the Wish.

Focused Intention in Destiny 2 is a weekly challenge where players can use primary ammo weapons such as bows, hand canons, pulse rifles, and auto rifles during ritual activities. It is the fastest way to level up in the game.
Continue reading to learn more about Focused intention and how to complete the challenge in Destiny 2.

What Is Focused Intention In Destiny 2?

Focused Intention is the weekly challenge in the Season of the Wish Destiny 2.

This challenge appears in Week 1 and is the quickest way to level up in the game. 

In the Focused Intention challenge, players are required to defeat combatants with primary ammo weapons in ritual activities.

Likewise, the primary ammo weapons include a bow, hand canons, pulse rifles, or auto rifles.

With the primary ammo, players can quickly complete the Focused Intention challenge, as killing enemies with these weapons awards extra points.

Additionally, killing a Guardian will also contribute towards completing this challenge.

Further, these weapons can be used during Vanguard activities like Strikes, PvP, and Gambit. 

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Tips To Complete Focused Intention Challenge In Destiny 2

There are some simple tips to complete the weekly Focused Intention challenge and level up the progress in the game.

Players can follow these tips to complete the challenge quickly in Destiny 2.

1. Focus On Primary Ammo Weapons

The primary ammo weapons are the best way to get bonus progress in this challenge.

Players can equip multiple ammo weapons, such as bows, pulse rifles, and auto rifles.

Further, only the primary ammo weapons should be used for all the ritual activities.

2. Play Ritual Activities

The main objective of the Focused Intension challenge is to get the final blows using ammos in ritual activities.

Likewise, players should mainly focus on ritual activities like Strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches.

The ritual activities reset every week, which helps to increase the progress. 

Further, the best tip is to play the activities while wearing the Festival of Lost Mask.

3. More Guardian Kills

Players should focus on defeating Guardians during the challenge.

Defeating the Guardians increases the bonus progress more than defeating non-Guardians.

Guardians in Destiny 2
Killing Guardians helps to progress further in the weekly Focused Intension challenge.

Players can get a 2% increase in the bonus progress after each Guardian kill.

4. Use Bows For Bonus Progress

Using the Bows grants the most bonus progress among other weapons during the Focused Intension challenge.

However, the progress doesn’t depend on the type of bow used, so that players can use any bow.

Players get a 2% bonus per combatant defeated using the final bows, while only 1.5% for pulse rifles, auto rifles, and hand canon. 

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Focused Intension is the weekly challenge in Destiny 2, where players can use primary ammo in ritual activities.

Players can complete the Focused intention challenge along with other Week 1 challenges to level up faster in the game.

Further, the rewards for completing this weekly challenge include Bright Dust, Challenger XP, and Seasonal Currency.

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