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Destiny 2 Guided Games Emblem: Available Sets

In Destiny 2, players can collect some exciting emblems by accessing the guided game feature of the game.

Upon completing their Destiny 2 guided game quest, players can earn enticing rewards and rarest emblems.

In Destiny 2, players can act as a Guide and play the guided games mode to lend helping hands to the new guardians during their raids. Likewise, players can earn the Helping Hand emblem set after completing their first guided game raid encounter.

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Destiny 2: An Overview Of The Guided Game

Destiny 2 is famous for its unique features and has delivered dynamic gameplay to its players.

Similarly, in Destiny 2,  experienced players can explore the possibilities of being the guide for newcomers.

Players can enter the Destiny 2 world as a guide to collaborate with Seekers to complete their raids.

Seekers are the newcomers to the game with less experience than professional Guardians and are constantly seeking Guides to aid them.

Guide Games Mode Destiny 2
A player is about to enter the guide games mode in Destiny 2.

In Guide 2, cooperating with other players enhances the gaming experience and some enticing rewards.

Moreover, players can collect rare and valuable sets from the Destiny 2 guided game through unique emblem sets.

Players can obtain the legendary Helping Hand emblem set by participating in the Destiny 2 guided game features.

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Destiny 2 Guided Game Emblem Set

Upon successfully guiding the seeker to complete one of his raids, players can successfully obtain the Helping Hand emblem set.

Players can unlock the rare and effective Helping Hand emblem set in Destiny 2 by participating in guided games.

Similarly, Helping Hand is one of the Emblem sets categorized under Raids and falls under the rarity level of Legendary.

Successfully Completing Raid
A player has completed the raid in guided games.

Players can only attain this emblem set after completing their first guided game raid encounter as a guide.

Moreover, this emblem set actively tracks your progress in Guided Games raid encounters, making it even more effective.

Alongside the Helping Hand Emblem, players can access several other emblem sets that are related to the Helping Hand Emblem.

While playing the Destiny 2  Guided game, players can attain three other emblem sets: Apprentice Guide, Master Guide, and Neophuyte Guide.

However, there are some prerequisites that players must complete to attain and unlock features of these emblem sets. 

1. Apprentice Guide

This Emblem set falls under the Helping Hand Emblem sets and is one of the rare emblems players can obtain.

Similarly, the Apprentice Guide emblem set falls under the Raid  Emblems category and can be unlocked during Guided Games Final Encounters.

Likewise, players can only unlock this emblem set after completing twenty-five raids as a guide in the Guided game.

2. Master Guide

Players can unlock another emblem set known as  Master Guide from Destiny 2 guided games.

Like Apprentice Guide, Master Guide is related to the Helping Hand Emblem set and is one of the legendary rare items.

Besides, Master Guide also falls under the Raid Emblem category and can only be unlocked during the final encounters in the guided game.

Likewise, players can only unlock this emblem set after completing fifty raid encounters as a guide.

3. Neophyte Guide

The final emblem set that players can obtain from Destiny 2 guided games is the Neophyte Guide emblem set.

Similarly, this emblem set is the legendary emblem in the game, which falls under the Raids Emblem Category.

Likewise, Guided Games participants can earn this emblem set only by completing fifty raid encounters as a guide during final encounters.

The Bottom Line

In Destiny 2 guided games, players can now act as a guide to assist the beginner Guardians during their raids.

Upon completing several quests, players can unlock enticing rewards through emblem sets in guided games.

Players can obtain emblem sets like The Helping Hand Emblem, Apprentice Guide, Master Guide, and Neophyte Guide.

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