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Super Mario Forest Maze: Left Left Straight Right Rule

The Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG is like a confusing jungle with enemies and rewards.

It has a secret treasure room, which is exciting and filled with rewards. However, figuring out how to get there can be tricky.

To uncover the secret treasure room in the Forest Maze, players must take a secret path and carefully follow the left-left-straight-right rule.

In this article, we will discuss the secret path of the treasure room in Forest Maze.

What Is The Forest Maze In Super Mario?

The Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is like a tricky, tangled jungle.

Further, players go inside it to find a possessed Geno doll.

Moreover, it’s also called Wiggler Forest and has hidden treasures, tricky monsters, and even a secret treasure room.

To get through, you need to follow specific directions, or you might get lost.

Additionally, in the maze, you’ll face different enemies like Wiggler, Guerrilla, Buzzer, Octolot, and Amanita.

However, in the end, there’s a tough boss called Bowyer. He can disable some of your commands during the fight, so beating him is tough.

The Forest Maze: Left, Left, Straight, Right Rule

In the forest maze, you will see four doors leading to each room. Follow the instructions given by Geno in Rose Town in the Forest Maze.

However, there is also a forest maze secret path, which an NPC tells you about.

You can find the secret path by following the rule: Left, Left, Straight, Right.

To enter the forest maze’s secret treasure room with ease, follow these steps:

1. Navigate To The Treasure Room

Follow these steps to enter the treasure room through a secret path:

    1. Enter the maze and head to the top left entrance.
    2. Take another left, moving to the lower left exit in the next area.
    3. Continue straight, following the lower left path in the subsequent area.
    4. Finally, go right, entering through the upper left exit in the fourth maze area.

Confirm the directions from Mario’s perspective and not the player’s, ensuring clarity in your movement.

From the player’s perspective, it is top left, bottom left, bottom left, and top left.

rose town forest maze
Rose town is the starting point of Forest Maze.

2. Treasure Room Entrance

Once you correctly follow the left-left-straight-right rule, you’ll reach the entrance to the treasure room.

Identify the tree stump in the middle of the area and press down to enter the treasure room.

directions left left straight right
You must follow the mushroom man’s directions.

3. Explore The Treasure Room

Furthermore, discover a collection of five treasure chests inside the room.

Open each chest to reveal valuable rewards, including Flowers, a Frog Coin, and Mushrooms.

4. Use The Trampoline To Exit

Exit the treasure room by hopping on the trampoline located on the right side of the room.

Ensure you’ve gathered all items before leaving the treasure room.

5. Return To Save Area

To continue your journey, backtrack to the safe area before the maze starts.

Exit the treasure room entrance, reach the next area, and choose the bottom left exit to return to the save area.

Save your progress at the save block, securing your achievements in the Forest Maze.

Rewards In The Secret Treasure Room

In the treasure room, players can discover rewards concealed within five chests.

rewards chest
There are rewards hidden in the five chests.

Likewise, those rewards are Flowers, a Frog Coin, and Mushrooms.

Moreover, here is a detailed information of rewards in the Treasure Room:

FlowersBoosts character power with vibrant effects.
Frog CoinRare and valuable currency in the Mario universe, unlocking unique opportunities.
MushroomsEssential healing items with the power to restore health and vitality during quests.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Forest Maze in Super Mario offers players an exciting adventure filled with challenges and surprises.

The ultimate reward lies in the secret treasure room, where five chests contain valuable items flowers, mushrooms and a frog coin.

Following the Left-Left-Straight-Right tule is crucial to unlock this hidden gem.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to reach the secret treasure room.

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