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Steps To Complete Puzzling Park In Mario Wonder

Puzzling park in Mario Wonder is one of the stages that players must complete to move to other stages.

Furthermore, players can complete the stage by simply collecting the tokens.

In the puzzling park, players must collect a total of five different tokens to complete the stage. After they collect all five tokens, players can obtain the final token by default and thus complete the stage to move on to another stage.

This article discusses the puzzling park in Mario Wonder.

What Is Puzzling Park In Mario Wonder?

Puzzling Park is one of the locations or one of the stages that players must complete in Mario Wonder.

The stage is quite similar to all Mario stages. However, in the case of this stage, players must solve puzzles to progress through the stage.

The puzzles are pretty simple, as well. But certain pieces are a bit harder to find than others.

In Mario Wonder, players will encounter other such puzzles later in the game.

However, the first hurdle is puzzle park 2, where the puzzle areas are a bit confusing with the positions of the puzzle pieces.

How To Complete Puzzling Park In Mario Wonder?

Players must collect five tokens to complete the puzzling park in Mario Wonder.

Here is a step-by-step guide to obtaining all five tokens in Puzzling Park Mario Wonder:

1. First Token

Head straight and jump to show hidden platforms when you reach the first wooden bridge.

Get on the hidden platform and then jump a few more times to show more hidden platforms above you.

Then, after you make all the hidden platforms visible, the first token will show itself right above the platforms.

first token puzzling park
Puzzling Park first token in Mario Wonder.

2. Second Token

Head straight near the end of the map, and you will see three platforms. Jump onto the third platform.

Then, jump to hit the top platform to make a hidden flower appear.

activate flower for second token
Jump to activate the flower to get the second token

Then, jump on the flower to reach the top to find the second hidden token.

puzzling park second token
Obtain second token at the top of the flower

3. Third Token

Jump down the third platform onto the second portion of the stage.

Then, head to the far left corner of the map. Here you will find a tunnel just standing there.

Move the tunnel between the small tunnel and its previous point.

move tunnel
Move the tunnel to in between another tunnel and the platform

Later, jump onto the tunnel and jump once more to bring out a hidden flower.

This flower will then throw out the third token.

fifth token puzzling park mario wonder
Jump onto the tunnel and then hit the hidden platform for the fifth token

4. Fourth Token

The Fourth token is the easiest. Simply head to the bottom portion of the stage.

Here you will find the third token and a tunnel to reach the second portion of the stage.

5. Fifth Token

Lastly, after you reach the second portion of the stage, make your way to the top portion of the stage.

token puzzling park
Head to the top portion of the stage.

Here, you will notice a tunnel above a platform with a mushroom roaming.

Head straight into the tunnel and then reach a farther side of the stage.

Here, you will find the fifth and last token of the puzzling park.

fifth token puzzling park
The fifth token is in the farthest part of the stage.

After obtaining all five puzzle pieces, you will obtain one last piece that will automatically show itself.

After you obtain the piece, the stage is complete, and you can move to another stage.

The Bottom Line

In some instances, puzzle mechanics will repeat itself into later stages of the game. 

Thus, you must remember how you solved certain puzzles because it is highly likely that they will show up later in the game.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in completing the puzzling park in Mario Wonder.

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