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Explore Everything About Forget Me Not In Reverse 1999

Forget Me Not is one of the characters and bosses in the video game Reverse 1999.

He is the leader of the Manus Vindictae, a cult that worships the Dark Place, a mysterious dimension that can alter reality.

Forget Me Not’s real name remains undisclosed, as his alias name solely identifies him. Moreover, he is a mysterious individual who is yearning to reshape everything. Defeating him requires players to use all their might and tactics.

This article discusses the Forget Me Not in Reverse 1999 and his abilities.

Who Is Forget Me Not In Reverse 1999?

Forget Me Not is a charismatic NPC that requires meticulous tactics for players to defeat.

Junichi Suwabe provides his voice in the Japanese version of the game.

As the leader of Manus Vindictae, a devoted cult, he champions the Dark Place as the origin of all creation and destruction.

However, his relentless obsession with the Dark Place’s power drives his quest to reshape the world to align with his vision.

Further, he loves to play the piano and summons many allies to fight for him in battle.

Contrarily, Forget Me Not is a dangerous and powerful opponent, a formidable challenge for even the most experienced players.

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What Are The Abilities Of Forget Me Not?

Forget Me Not proves to be a formidable and versatile adversary, boasting a wide array of abilities.

Some of his notable skills encompass:

  • Force Field: Forget Me Not can generate a protective force field around himself to mitigate damage.
  • Teleportation: It is challenging to pin him down, as he can teleport short distances.
  • Summoning: He can call upon allies to aid him in combat.
  • Energy Blasts: Forget Me Not can discharge potent energy blasts from his hands.
  • Physical Attacks: Moreover, he has experience in hand-to-hand battles, delivering powerful punches, kicks, and throws.
  • Elemental Attacks: Forget Me Not is proficient in employing different elemental attacks, including fire, ice, and lightning.

Besides these, Forget Me Not can create a powerful AoE attack that damages all enemies in a large area.

Moreover, he can create an energy sphere that orbits around him and damages enemies that come into contact with it.

How To Defeat Forget Me Not In Reverse 1999?

The Forget Me Not Boss Fight in Reverse: 1999 is a challenging one.

Forget Me Not initiates the offensive, deploying diverse potent attacks, such as energy blasts and force fields.

To defeat Forget Me Not in Reverse 1999, you must level up and equip proper gear.

forget me not
The fight takes place in an open arena.

Crucially, players can defeat Forget Me Not with a lower-level Eternity team.

Besides these, to defeat him, players must use characters with elemental shields.

Thus, using characters with elemental shields can help to protect your party members.

forget me not reverse 1999
Forget Me Not can launch different long-range attacks as well.

Further, Forget Me Not summons allies to help him in battle.

So, using characters with crowd control abilities can help you control the battlefield and prevent Forget Me Not’s allies from attacking you.

The Bottom Line

Forget Me Not possesses many potent abilities, making him a formidable and versatile opponent.

Further, to conquer Forget Me Not, a good strategy is necessary.

Overcoming him requires combining elemental shields, crowd control techniques, and powerful physical and lightning strikes.

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