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Clovis Bray Mask: Unlock Legendary Ornament

Clovis Bray Mask is one of the essential ornaments in Destiny 2.

The unique item is a part of the Halloween event in the Season of the Witch.

Players must complete the Cryptozoologist event to unlock the Clovis Bray Mask. In this event, players must use the manifested pages to unlock the Tales of the Forgotten Vol 3.

Continue reading to learn about Clovis Bray Mask and its acquisition process in Destiny 2.

Clovis Bray Mask: Overview

Clovis Bray I, the modern-day scientist of the game and the leader of the Bray Family.

He founded the Clovis Bray research facility in the Golden Age, which helped to inspire the Mask.

The Legendary Mask is launched in the Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2, an early-game item.

Clovis Bray Mask
Players can get the Clovis Bray Mask in the early game.

Clovis Mask can also come in handy to earn exclusive items like Lost Memento.

Obtaining The Clovis Bray Mask

Players need to complete a few objectives to unlock the legendary Mask. Follow the process to complete the project,

1. Collect The Spectral Pages

If players are just starting the Festival of the Lost event, they should interact with Eva Levante, a vendor in the Courtyard Tower.

In addition, The vendor will grant players three Spectral Pages, one of the currencies to start with and take them.

Players can also farm the Spectral Pages to checkpoint swap the first contact mission.

2. Convert The Spectral Pages

The next step is to turn the spectral pages into manifested pages by playing the Haunted Sectors event.

Furthermore, players will get the objective to perform the Summoning Ritual, which can spawn the Headless Ones.

Haunted Sectors
Defeat the Haunted ones in the Haunted Sectors.

Players must defeat more Headless Ones to convert the Spectral Pages to Manifested Pages.

Upon completing the objectives, new objectives pop up consisting of enemies.

Lastly, players must face Demiks, the Forgotten. Kill more Headless ones and use the pumpkin charges to break the Boss’ shield.

3. Meet Eva Levante

After completing the first Haunted Sector event in the Tower and accepting her offer.

Further, interact with her to get the Tales of the Forgotten Vol.3  pages using the manifested pages.

After unlocking one of the lore, players should claim the Classic Carving Event reward.

With this, players will complete the Cryptozoologist challenge and earn the Mask as a reward. 

Clovis Bray Mask
Complete the Cryptozoologist event.

Players will also get a new event card and 25 Legendary Shards.

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Usage Of Clovis Bray Mask

The Clovis Bray mask can somewhat assist players in earning valuable items in future events.

Moreover, the Mask can guide players to complete the Twilight Triumph objectives.

If players equip the Mask and defeat the SABER boss, they can get the Nimbus Mask.

Further, if players equip masks and defeat the 100 Headless Ones in the Haunted Sector mission.

Players can enter the Legend Sector and defeat just 34 headless ones if the Haunted Sector is bugged.

Completing the objective will provide players with a Tormentor Mask. 

Lastly, if players complete 25 kills using the Tormentor Mask in the Legend Sector to complete the objective and get Lost Memento.

The Bottom Line

Clovis Bray Mask is an early-game legendary ornamant. Players can earn the Mask by completing the Cryptozoologist event.

Moreover, the legendary item can guide players to complete the Twilight Triumph to gain the Lost Memento, which is relatively easy to earn.

Players can earn far more exciting masks, ships, vehicles, engrams and other exclusive items if they invest more time in the event.

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