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What Is Fortnite Only Up Glitch?

Fortnite only up is a new event for the players of Fortnite.

The event combines Fortnite’s creativity of building with the famous Only Up game mechanics.

The Fortnite Only Up event contains a Glitch that is able to propel players from the starting point to a few levels above. However, players must fulfill certain prerequisites to perform the Glitch and skip those levels.

Continue reading to learn the Fortify Only Up Glitch and how to perform it.

What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a Battle royale game that allows players to fight against hundreds of players.

Furthermore, players can choose from three different modes to play Fortnite. Survival, Battle Royale and Sandbox.

Each mode offers players a distinct playstyle and a different game experience altogether.

In addition to providing players with different game modes to choose from, Fortnite consistently puts out content for players to enjoy.

One of these recent content is the Fortnite Only Up update. In this update, players need to get to the moon, which is at the top of the game.

Moreover, this update comes after a game named Only Up blew up on all platforms. But this update comes with Fortnite’s own twists.

What Is Fortnite Only Up Glitch?

Currently, players are able to perform a Glitch in the Fornite Only Up event.

This Glitch allows the players to go up several seasons from the starting area.

Additionally, each floor represents a season in Fortnite’s Only Up event. Thus, the challenge is to reach the highest floor in record time.

However, a quick reminder, Season 8 is not the final floor, there are more floors above it.

How To Perform Fortnite Only Up Glitch?

Performing the Glitch is rather easy, but you must complete a few prerequisites before attempting the Glitch.

Follow these steps to perform Fortnite Only Up Glitch;

Step 1 – Get To Season 5: Each floor represents a season; however, for players to perform the Glitch, they must reach Season 5 first.

Step 2 – Obtain Golf Carts: Halfway through season 5, players will come across Golf carts.

Once you get the Golf carts, you will need to drop them to the first floor.

Find the golf carts in season 5
You will find the golf carts in Season 5.

To drop them off, you need to drive the golf cart near the ledge of season 5, the area will have various bushes.

Slowly drop the cart and jump out of the cart at the tail end.

Drive cart down the ledge
Drive the golf cart down the ledge.

In case you are not able to properly perform this with the first golf cart. There are more golf carts for you to try with.

Step 3 – Respawn At The First Floor: After successfully dropping the carts to the first floor, you must respawn on the first floor.

If you did successfully, drop the cart, you will find them lying near some dirt and trees.

You will find the cart ihere
You will find the cart in this area

After you find them, ride them and go toward the location shown in the image below.

Once you reach the location, it will Glitch you to season 8.

Dive to the brown spot
Drive towards the brown spot to perform the Glitch.

However, remember that it needs to be the exact location on the map. If not, the Glitch will not activate, and you will need to try again.

Note: Fortify Only Up Glitch is an exploit of the game, and the players may get some form of punishment for constantly doing it. However, it is unlikely, and the developers will patch it out in the next update.

The Bottom Line

The ability to skip levels in any game always garners a lot of attention.

In Fortnite’s case, the ability to skip nearly eight whole levels is a juicy exploit, and developers can expect this exploit to be done repeatedly until they patch it out.

But, sooner or later, the developers will patch it out, thus, do not get comfortable with the exploitation of the game.

Hopefully, this article can provide information on the Only Up Glitch and how to perform it while at it.

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