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Fortnite Wrapped 2023: Your Year In Fortnite

Like every year, Fortnite has released the Fortnite Wrapped for the year 2023 as we approach the end of the year.

Fortnite Wrapped summarizes the whole year and gives accurate gaming stats for every player.

Fortnite Wrapped 2023 is an exciting feature that reveals the statistics for the total hours played, total wins, total number of kills, and matches played. Further, it also tells you your most played Seasons by the % of the playtime.

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What Is Fortnite Wrapped 2023?

Fortnite Wrapped is a year-end review that is released at the end of every year.

Likewise, it gives all the Fortnite stats and achievements with a personalized card for each player.

It is a fan-made tool that displays all the stats such as hours played, eliminations, wins, and match count.

Further, it also tells you your most played season among all the seasons played in Fortnite.

Fortnite wrapped 2023 card
Fortnite-wrapped card displaying the stats for the whole year.

For the year 2023, the Fortnite Wrapped stats include total hours, matches played, wins, and kills.

Likewise, Fortnite players eagerly anticipate the annual recap to revisit their gaming highlights.

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How To Access Fortnite Wrapped 2023?

The Fortnite Wrapped allows players to access their gameplay memories from the past year to review their play style.

However, Fortnite Wrapped is not an official feature provided by the epic games but it is released by a third-party website called FN Zone.

Further, to access the Fortnite year in review for 2023, players can go to the official FNzone website

Then, the steps to access the wrapped memories are:

  • Enter your Epic Games username on the search bar.
  • When the username is correct, you’ll see your stats for 2023.
  • Then, you can download and share your Fortnite Wrapped 2023 with others.

It gives the stats for the year in the card or story format summarizing the details of the whole year.

The card has a colorful design that matches the Fortnite theme and is the same for every player.

Further, players also have the option to customize the card with different emojis and sprays to their liking.

However, your profile should be set to public, and the Epic Games username should be correct to get accurate stats.

A year in Fortnite 2023
Fortnite wrapped showing the overall year in review.

Additionally, players with fewer stats for the year may receive a score of 0 in the recap.

Then, players can share the card on various social media platforms to give an insight into their yearly recap of Fortnite.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Fortnite Wrapped feature is an exciting summary of the stats for the whole year.

Fortnite Wrapped 2023 reveals the performance for the year with accurate data and statistics.

Further, it displays the total hours played, the number of victories, kills, eliminations, and the total matches played.

So if you are a Fortnite fan and want to see your yearly recap, you can get your wrapped card from the website.

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