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Explore Land At Winterburg Quest In Fortnite

The Winterfest event quest updates daily in Fortnite, giving new quests to players like Land at Winterberg.

However, players are having trouble finding Winterburg on the map as it is not a named location.

In Fortnite, players must travel North of Classy Court to find the Winterburg island and reach the top 20 to complete this Winterfest quest. However, they must be careful as many players will land on the same island to complete their quest.

Continue reading this article to learn how to complete the Land at Winterburg quest in Fortnite.

Introduction To Winterburg In Fortnite

Fortnite is known for making constant changes to its map as the season continues each week.

Specifically, they introduce new locations to the map as part of the battle pass or other event quests.

Similarly, Fortnite has added a new location called the Winterburg– a small Christmas-themed island.

land at winterburg quest
Land at Winterburg Quest in Fortnite is a Winterfest challenge.

This island is tied to the Winterfest quest as it is also home to Krampus– the enemy of Holiday Boxy.

Hence, players must visit this island to complete many Winterfest quests as assigned by Boxy.  

In the map, players can locate this island outside of the map to the North of Classy Courts.

Nevertheless, players must carefully plan their landing as the island is very small in area.

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How To Complete The Land At Winterburg Quest?

Like every other Winterfest Event quest, this specific quest is also very easy to complete.

In fact, the only hard part for players in this quest is to locate the Winterburg island on the map.

Therefore, after locating the island, the player just needs to land on the island after jumping from the battle bus.

Winterburg Fortnite
The in-game layout of the new Winterburg Island in Fortnite.

However, players will notice that the quest is not complete even after landing on this island.

This is because there is also another prerequisite that players must fulfill to complete this quest.

Specifically, players must reach the Top 20 in the current match after landing at Winterburg Island.

Nevertheless, if a player dies before reaching the Top 20, they must redo the quest again.

Hence, it is suggested that the players play it safe till they reach the Top 20 in the match.

Rewards For Completing Land At Winterburg Quest

Since the quest is tied to the whole event, players can expect lots of rewards for completing the quest.

  • Participants will instantly receive 15,000 XP in the game, allowing them to level up for more rewards.
  • The event unlocks the next stage of the quest, giving access to more Winterfest quests for players.
  • It will bring them closer to completing the Winterfest event bar to unlock the exclusive pickaxe.
Rewards for landing at Winterburg
15000Xp is granted instantly for landing at the Winterburg and reaching the Top 20.
  • The experience points gained from the quest will help them to level up, unlocking more Battle Pass rewards.
  • Players can unlock the gifts from Ship It Express that grant them exclusive skins, emoticons, trails, etc.
  • Players can receive many more rewards as more quests are revealed in the future.

The Bottom Line

Landing at Winterburg is just a fraction of the Winterfest Event as it lasts till Christmas.

Therefore, players must complete this quest as it brings them closer to unlocking event-exclusive rewards.

Moreover, landing at Winterburg not only gives them access to the new area of the map but also new rewards.

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