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How To Perform Fuse Trident Glitch?

Did you know players can become invincible to gunfire while riding the Trident, but you must perform a Fuse Trident glitch?

You can perform a fuse trident glitch in Apex Legends by submerging the trident into a body of water while seated inside. Once the Fuse hits it with Motherlode ability, the trident passes through the flames of that ability, turning invincible.

Sounds complex? This article will guide you on performing a sure-shot fuse trident glitch.

What is Fuse Trident Glitch?

Apex Legends is a free-to-play, multi-player Battle Royale game where users can group into teams of three to fight against each other in the futurist world of the Outlands.

Known for its fast-paced gameplay, each unique character called “Legend” hold an ability that they can use to overcome the enemies.

apex legends game
Apex Legends is a fast-paced multi-player game with up to 2000 levels.

Among one of them is the Fuse, a laid-back explosives enthusiast who performs every Ka-boom in the game.

Thanks to his ability “Motherlode” and a bug found in Apex Legends, you can perform a glitch with the Trident, making it and the passengers inside the vehicle invincible.

For newbies and those who left the game early, the Trident is a hovercraft that lets the team travel around the map at top speeds.

Thanks to a bug found in Apex Legends, you can now make the trident and passenger inside it invincible, also known as “God’s mode,” which may remain so until the end of the level.

How To Perform A Fuse Trident Glitch?

Remember, performing glitches may come in handy in overcoming the level’s difficulty, but it would not grant you a free pass throughout the game.

Here are the steps to perform a Fuse Trident glitch.

  1. Open Apex Legends.
  2. Initiate the game and find the Trident. These vehicles spawn in designated locations, such as Docks, Power Grid, Rift, Gardens, etc.
Trident spawn locations
You will find Trident in designated spawn locations on the map.
  1. In between the game, use Fuse to hit the Trident with his ultimate ability, Motherlode.
fuse trident glitch
Use Fuse to perform his ability.
  1. Get inside the Trident.
fuse with trident
Get inside the Trident when it is in flame.
  1. Submerge the Trident into the body of water and engulf it with flame.
Let the trident engulf in fire
Allow the Trident to be engulfed in flame for the glitch to work.
  1. Once the Trident goes through the flames, it will become invincible.
Fuse trident glitch
Nothing can harm the players once in God’s mode as long as they sit inside.

You may have to undergo the same process on each level to get God’s mode.

Has Fuse Trident Glitch Been Patched Yet?

There has been no official confirmation from Respawn Entertainment, the makers of Apex Legends, about patching the glitch yet.

So far, the glitch allows players to exploit the bug to gain an unfair advantage.

While many users are quick to point out that it has been one of the best glitches in Apex Legends so far.

However, the players do not necessarily become invincible, as enemies can still hit them when they get off the Trident.

The Bottom Line

Players might find exploiting the game’s glitch intriguing, but it is not really appreciated.

Many ranked players despite exploiting the game’s glitch as it may give them an unfair advantage.

Nonetheless, the glitch is here to stay, and you can enjoy it until the makers decide to patch it.

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