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Explore Everything About Tarkov Vacuum Cheat

The Tarkov vacuum cheat allows players to instantly collect valuable items from a distance during the raid.

However, it has been a notorious issue in the gaming community where players are expressing their frustration.

The Tarkov community has expressed their disappointment with the vacuum cheaters who exploit this cheat to get items in an unethical way. Nevertheless, the cheats are being detected and banned in less than 24 hrs after the January update to anti-cheat.

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What Is Vacuum Cheat In Tarkov?

The vacuum cheat in Escape from Tarkov is a malicious exploit that allows players to collect valuable items from a distance.

Essentially, it acts like a virtual vacuum cleaner, sucking up loot without the need to physically approach it.

Further, when a player activates this cheat, they can remotely acquire items such as rare weapons and high-value medical supplies.

In addition, it allows players to easily get other valuable loots easily.

However, according to the players, it makes the game less enjoyable since there is a cheater in every raid.

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Consequences Of The Vacuum Cheat In Tarkov

Legitimate players often encounter situations where valuable loot mysteriously disappears, leading to a less enjoyable gaming experience.

Additionally, the vacuum cheat harms fair gameplay and can result in a swift ban from the game.

So, many players don’t like this cheat to ensure a fair experience on the raid for every player.

Further, the developers of Tarkov have implemented auto-detection mechanisms to identify suspicious behavior related to item collection.

Vacuum cheats are swiftly detected, and players caught using them face near-instant bans.

Despite this, some players continue to discuss the existence of vacuum cheats, even though the risks are well-known.

This cheat is strongly discouraged and widely considered unethical because it undermines the game’s intended mechanics and fairness.

How To Fix Vacuum Cheat In Tarkov?

The BSG (Battlestate Games) is aware of this issue and is likely waiting for a big ban wave in Escape from Tarkov.

Further, when a cheater is active in your raid, you might see an “Infinity or NAN floating point” error in the console.

Essentially, they’re sucking up loot like a cosmic black hole, but with less elegance.

However, a temporary yet hilarious fix could be to add the Woods position check to every map, accounting for specific map positions.

vacuum cheat Tarkov
Players discussing the fixes for the Vacuum Cheats in Tarkov.

Players can consider placing lethal mines around scav bodies far out of bounds.

Then, anyone interacting with these bodies or taking their tainted loot could be flagged or banned.

This approach would not only address the vacuum cheats but also future-proof against similar exploits.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, while vacuum cheats may seem tempting for quick gains, they come with severe consequences.

It’s essential to play games fairly and respect the integrity of the gaming experience.

So, players should report when they encounter such cheaters so they get banned from the game.

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