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Google Finance Not Working [6 Easy Fixes]

Google Finance is a feature of Google that lets you pursue financial trends on the market, stock updates, and currency information in real-time.

Using Google Finance, you can easily monitor and acknowledge the performance of your investments. 

Generally, Google Finance may not work due to high network traffic, slow internet and enabling corrupted extensions. These may be solved easily by disabling corrupted extensions and updating the browser.

However, the crash in Google Finance has made people go through some disappointments.

Therefore, further reading will help you know why Google Finance is not working and how to fix the issue instantly.

Causes Of Google Finance Not Working

Recently, Google Finance has stopped working and is creating disappointment in users.

Use of the =GOOGLEFINANCE() function in Google Sheets, it’s possible that the formula is not working because of a change in the way that Google Finance retrieves data.

Some more probable reasons why your Google Finance is not working are:

  • High Network Traffic: Google Finance experiences high traffic when many clients try to access the website simultaneously, resulting in a slow-running website.
  • Unstable Internet Speed: Your unstable internet speed affects any website’s performance. 
  • Browser Data Cache: Larger the cache, the slower the device’s speed. Corrupted files in the cache memory spoil the performance of any website with an error.
  • Update Issues: While browsing your desired sites in any browser, it might be hampered by the updates occurring in the browser. So, if your browser is not up to date, a glitch will occur on your site.
  • Corrupted Extensions: Your browser may be slower due to a corrupted extension interfering with the website’s loading.

6 Ways To Fix Google Finance Not Working 

The trouble with the malfunctioning of Google Finance has led users to annoyance and frustration.

It restricts users from keeping current status regarding financial trends and getting historical stock data.

Here are some methods to fix Google Finance not working issue;

1. Check The Server Status

Sometimes your site may not run if it is under maintenance or the server you are approaching is down.

You can check the server’s status on DownDetector or other detecting websites. 

Alternatively, search “Is Google Finance Down” on your browser. This provides you with relevant answers, and you can work accordingly.

Checking server status
You can check the server’s status on Downdetector.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

 It is evident that your network does not support the desired website, consumes more time to run, and affects its performance.

Moreover, until you use stable internet, it hampers you from running the desired site. Therefore, it is also necessary to check the connectivity of the internet. 

You can use the Ping Tool, which transmits data packets to a server and measures the time it takes to receive a response, to test the stability of your internet connection.

Similarly, you can also restart your WiFi routers, which may help troubleshoot any network issues.

Ping web tool checking internet stability
Ping web tool examines the internet stability

3. Remove Corrupted Extensions 

Sometimes, unwanted extensions in your browser may interrupt you from loading your required websites.

Follow the below steps to remove or uninstall corrupted extensions.

  1. Open Chrome and navigate toward the extension icon.
  2. Lots of installed extensions will appear; click on the unwanted extensions.
  3. Click on the ellipsis buttons(⋮).
  4. Finally, click on the remove the extension option. Your extensions will be removed and help you load your websites. 
return Youtube dislike not working
Removing unnecessary extensions may help you resolve the issue.

4. Update Your Browser

Not updating all the elements of your browser creates incompatibility.

Updating your browser may solve Google Finance not working issue.

Follow the steps below to update your browser to solve the issue.

  1. Click on the ellipsis buttons(⋮) on the right side of your browser.
  2. Direct towards Help, Click on About Google Chrome.
Upgrading the browser bounded
Update the browser to solve the issue.
  1. Check if your Chrome is current; if not, click on Update Google Chrome.
Check for updates chrome
Check for updates in Chrome.

5. Clear The Browser Cache And Cookies

Clearing the browser cache and cookies also may help you resolve these issues manually.

Follow the steps outlined below to fix the issue;

  1. Navigate toward the ellipsis buttons(⋮) > Settings.
click three vertical dots settings
Go to settings to clear the Chrome cache.
  1. Click on Privacy And Security.
  2. Then, click on Clear Browsing Data.
select privacy and security clear browsing data
Clearing the cache and cookies for better performance of Google Finance.

6. Contact The Customer Service Team

You can contact the Google Customer Service Team if none of the above fixes helped you resolve your issues.

To contact the customer service team, follow the steps below;

  1. Navigate toward the ellipsis buttons(⋮) > Help.
  2. Click on Help Center and report your problem. 
help center bounded
Contacting the help center helps you resolve issues.

The Bottom Line

Your Google Finance mainly malfunctions when its server gets down due to server maintenance.

There is also the possibility that Google Finance might have gone through a cyberattack and taken offline until the security breach is repaired.

Hope these above-mentioned help you resolve your issues.

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