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Yeti Killed Me In GTA 5: Tips To Overcome

In GTA 5, players find themselves in unexpected situations like when the Yeti Killed them in the wilderness of San Andreas.

Players are trying their best to kill the Yeti as they can obtain valuable rewards after completing the challenge.

If you are also one of the players killed by Yeti in GTA 5, you must load yourself with powerful weapons with high damage and fire rates like rocket launchers and rail guns. The best weapon that can bring the Yeti down with one headshot is the B903 MK II as it has high accuracy and range.

Continue reading to find out more about how to overcome the issue if Yeti Killed you in GTA 5.

What Is Yeti Encounter In GTA 5?

In GTA 5, players keep facing unexpected challenges and mysteries.

One of the interesting challenges that is creating quite a buzz in the GTA community is the Yeti encounter.

Yeti is a white snow ape-like creature who lives in the snowy area of San Andreas.

To find the Yeti, you must discover five clues left by the Yeti around Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.

yeti encounter in GTA 5
You can find the Yeti in the snowy area of San Andreas after finding all 5 clues.

The five clues you must look for are body parts, a bloodied tent, a bloodied torn shirt, a car wreck, and a dead deer.

When you find all five clues, the game will trigger the Yeti to appear near you.

However, you can only find the Yeti between 21:00 and 6:00 time frame in GTA 5.

The Yeti will come running at you to kill you from the Chiliad wilderness so you must kill him to earn a unique reward.

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How To Kill The Yeti In GTA 5?

The best strategy to go for before encountering the Yeti is to load yourself with powerful weapons.

Furthermore, you can equip yourself with weapons like rocket launchers and rail guns as they deal heavy damage.

Another strategy you can try to kill the Yeti is to drop a proximity mine in its path.

Kill Yeti With B903
You can kill the yeti by using weapons like B903, rocket launchers, rail guns, etc.

When the Yeti steps on the proximity mine, it will explode and knock the Yeti off its feet.

So, when it’s down you must quickly start to shoot it to deplete its health to the lowest.

However, if the Yeti doesn’t die and starts charging you again, you can throw down another mine and repeat the process.

1. Wait For The Yeti To Respawn 

If the Yeti kills you, then you must wait and give it a couple of minutes to respawn in GTA 5.

It is best to leave the area after you die and then return to the north side of the river to encounter the Yeti.

Besides, the river slows the Yeti down while he crosses it so you can take this as a chance to kill him.

2. Equip B903 To Kill The Yeti

If you want to lure the Yeti then start firing bullets in the snowy area after finding all 5 clues.

Furthermore, the sound of the gun will trigger the yeti and it will respawn near you and run towards you.

The best weapon to kill the Yeti instantly is the B903 heavy revolver MK II.

Th B903 has a high damage rate, fire rate, accuracy, and range so one shot is enough to kill the Yeti.

Rewards For Killing The Yeti 

The encounter with the Yeti is very challenging and scary as the monster comes running at you to kill.

After finding the five clues, the Yeti appears suddenly and tries to catch the players off guard.

Furthermore, the Yeti has very deadly capabilities so you need a careful strategy to avoid dying from its hands.

If you are successful at killing the Yeti, then you will earn the cool Yeti outfit that everyone seeks.

Moreover, you will earn yourself $50000 in the bank as a big reward for killing the Yeti.

The Bottom Line

The Yeti is very powerful so there will be situations where the Yeti will kill you.

After you die you can again come for Yeti to kill it and earn $50000 as your reward.

Remember, the yeti is not invincible, and you can defeat it with some patience and strategy.

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