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Hang Out With A Villager Who Says Wakkk: Complete Guide

Dreamlight Valley is a simulation adventure game developed by Gameloft.

This game features battles, puzzles, quests and intriguing events, which keep the game enjoyable.

The Enchanted Adventure Update has brought a new Haunted Holiday Star Path event.

Hang Out With A Villager Who Says Wakk is one of the many tasks you can complete by staying with Donald Duck for 15 minutes. It will grant you ten tokens as a reward.

Keep reading to explore the Haunted Holiday Star Path details and complete Hang Out With A Villager Who Says Wakkk.

How To Participate In the Haunted Holiday Star Path Event?

Haunted Holiday Star Path is a Halloween-themed Star Path that ends November 1, 2023.

In the Haunted Holiday Star Path, you must complete various missions involving various Dreamlight Valley duties.

Hang Out With A Villager Who Says Wakkk
New event, which will end on November 1, 2023

This event requires players to complete 60 Dreamlight Duties.

Completing the duties provides tokens that look like lollipop candies.

Moreover, you can earn six pages of exclusive rewards in the Star Path during the event.

Furthermore, the token obtained from the duties helps to unlock these rewards.

The Star Path is divided into Standard and Premium Star Path.

Standard Star Path only has three duties available.

On the other hand, obtaining a premium edition will offer you six tasks you can choose from.

However, to get the Premium Star path, players must purchase it for 2500 MoonStone.

Meanwhile, players can get free Moonstones in many ways, including collecting blue chests and participating in DreamSnaps weekly events.

Additionally, the items in each Star Path event will not return.

Therefore, purchase the Premium Star Path to obtain Haunted Holiday rewards.

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Completing Hang Out With A Villager Who Says Wakk Quest

Hang Out With A Villager Who Says Wakkk is a Haunted Holiday Star Path event task.

This task asks you to Spend 15 minutes with Donald Duck as a companion.

Moreover, completing this task will provide you with ten tokens.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to find Donald Duck in Dreamlight Valey;

  1. Firstly, players must open the Forest of Valor biome using 3000 Dreamlight.
Forest of Valor
You can unlock the Forest of Valor with 3000 Dreamlight.
  1. Then, find Kristoff and get the information on Donald Duck, who entered the dark portal.
Hang Out With A Villager Who Says Wakkk
Meet Kristov in the Forest of Valor
  1. Enter the portal, and you will reach the Zelda-esque Lost Wood area and find the Donald Duck Feather here.
Find a feather once you get inside the portal.
  1. Take the feature to Kristoff, who will ask you to talk to Merlin.
  2. Navigate to Merlin; he will tell you to find four dream shards and two emeralds.
Talk to Merlin to meet the Donald duck.
  1. You can find dream shards by clearing the Throns or digging the shiny holes.
  2. Nevertheless, you can only obtain emeralds by mining black rocks in the Forest of Valor biome.
  3. Bring the items to Merlin, and he will enchant the feather with magic.
  4. Now travel back to the portal of Forest of Valor, and the enchanted feather will guide you to Donald.
go to mist
Navigate back to the Forest and follow the enchanted feather.
  1. Once you find him, he will explain how he got lost in the mist.
Hang Out With A Villager Who Says Wakkk
Talk to Donald Duck and return him to the living world.
  1. After rescuing Donald, help him to rebuild his home.

Now that you have unlocked the Donald Duck, you can complete the Hang Out With A Villager Who Says Wakkk task.

Other Tasks In The Haunted Holiday Star Path

Besides this task, there are other tasks in the Haunted Holiday Star Path.

As you finish this task, you will get another one.

Some of the other tasks are listed below;

  1. “Uproot” the Forgetting: Remove 30 Night Thorns from the village.
  2. Break some rocks: Mine 15 mineral veins.
  3. Spend time with some classic friends: Spend 15 minutes with classic Disney friends like Mickey Mouse, goofy, or Donald.
  4. It’s better to give a favorite gift than to receive it: Provide three villager with their favorite items.
  5. Build Stuff: Build five items at a crafting station.
  6. Do Goofy’s favorite pastime: Catch 20 fish.
  7. Pick the fruits that put Snow White to sleep: Pick 50 apples.
  8. Cook meals that would never cut Chez Remy: Prepare ten 1-star or higher meals.

These are some duties out of 60 duties in the event. Therefore, try to complete all before the event ends.

The Bottom Line

Hang Out With A Villager Who Says Wakk is a Haunted Holyday Star Path task.

This task assigns you to spend time with Donald Duck for 15 minutes.

Additionally, you will get a reward of 10 tokens.

Therefore, complete the even task to get a unique and fantastic reward from the Star Path.

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