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How To Build The Planet Express Ship In Starfield?

One fascinating thing about Starfield is that it lets its players build their ships from their imagination.

Since its release, players have been exploring the vast galaxy in the game.

Players’ interests have also been in building ships from famous movies such as Star Wars, Interstellar or even E.T.

The planet express ship built by a player refers to its appearance and functions with the cartoon Futurama.

Planet Express ship in Starfield is a custom ship built by a player concerning the science fiction animation sitcom Futurama. You will need many parts to be able to build this ship.

Continue reading the article to learn about Planet Express ship and its construction process.

What Is The Planet Express Ship?

The Planet Express Ship is a ship built by a player concerning the ship from the cartoon Futurama.

Additionally, the player shared the ship’s build on Reddit, inspiring many other players to build this ship.

Futurama is Matt Groening’s science-fiction sitcom, which was first released in 1999.

Build Planet ExpressShip Starfield
Building the custom Planet Express Ship

Furthermore, the Planet Express Ship was used by Fry, Bender and Leela in Futurama.

In addition, even the ship’s functions replicate the ones in the animated sitcom.

Like the cartoon, the ship doesn’t have the best mobility in Starfield.

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How To Build The Planet Express Ship In Starfield?

There are many parts you will need to build this customer ship. Here are all the parts you will need to build the Planet Express Ship:

Ship Bed 200 Landing Bay
SAE-5110 Engine
Taiyo Companionway 1x1 Bottom ADeimos Companionway 1x1
Taiyo Pinpoint 4G Landing GearM40 Ulysses He3 Tank
Taiyo Braking Engine4x Taiyo Side Cap Port
Stroud Engine Bracer A3x Taiyo Cowling Fore Top
Deimos Wing ATaiyo Companionway 1x1 Top B
Samurai Enhance CockpitTaiyo Cowlingway 1x1 Top C
Taiyo All-In-One Berth 2x1 Top BTairo Cowling Aft Top
Taiyo Companionway 1x1 MidConnect-Pro Docker Top
R-1000 Alpha Grav DriveTaiyo Cowling 2L- TA
101 DS mag inertial reactor-

In addition, here is a step-by-step process to build this ship from bottom to top:

1. The Base Of The Ship

You will need the Ship Bed 200 Landing Bay.

Additionally, you can use other Landing Bays, depending on the ones that are available to use.

Then, use two of the Taiyo Companionway 1×1 Bottom A.

Base of the ship
The base of the ship requires engines and landing bays

Now, behind the cowlingway, attach Taiyo Pinpoint 4G Landing Gear.

One important thing is a cowling plate will be needed to put over the Pinpoint Landing gear.

The last part of the base of the ship is the engine, which is the Taiyo Braking engine.

Additionally, on the Landing Bay, add the Stroud Engine Bracer A attached to it is the Deimos Wing A.

Finally, do the same thing on the other side of the Landing Bay.

2. The Middle Part

Above the braking engine on the base, put a Samurai Enhance Cockpit. Then, attach the Taiyo All-In-One Berth 2×1 Top B.

Behind the beth, attach the Taiyo Companionway 1×1 Mid.

After that, attach the R-1000 Alpha Grav Drive behind the mid, which travels 4 miles per hour.

Furthermore, behind that, attach the 101 DS mag inertial reactor.

middle part of the ship
The ship requires cargo hold parts and parts to make it look rounded

Lastly, put an SAE-5110 Engine behind the reactor and attach the Deimos Companionway 1×1 above that.

On the companionway bolt on the M40 Ulysses He3 Tank, which gives the back shape of the ship.

engine of the planet express ship starfield
Bolt-on the engine of the ship

For the rounded image of the ship, use four of the Taiyo Side Cap Port on both sides of the ship.

Sitting above the Samurai cockpit is the Taiyo Cowling Fore Top.

And between the foretop and the engine are four Taiyo Companionway 1×1 Top B.

3. The Top Of The Ship

For the front appearance of the ship, use another Taiyo Cowling Fore Top.

Then, use two of the Taiyo Cowlingway 1×1 Top C behind the foretop top.

top part of the planet express ship starfield
The top part of the ship is finished off with the Connect Pro Docker Top

After that, attract the Tairo Cowling Aft Top. On top of the cowlingway C, attach the Connect-Pro Docker Top.

4. The Tail Of The Ship

For the tail of the ship, attach the Taiyo Cowling Fore Top to the back of the ship.

Then, attach the Taiyo Cowling 2L- TA behind the foretop.

Tail of the planet express ship starfield
The tail of the ship finished off the appearance

Finally, the Planet Express ship’s build has been completed.

You can choose the ship’s color and stripes according to your taste or how authentic you want it to be.

Also, since this is a custom ship, you can customize it according to your preferences. 

You can purchase the ship’s parts from the Ship Services Technician.

Functions Of The Planet Express Ship

The Planet Express ship is not useful much for its function, but for the nostalgia players feel.

The ship’s mobility is much less than what you expect, so the ship will also travel very slowly.

However, the ship can help transport or store valuable resources.

It cannot be useful for combat but can be of significant use as a cargo ship.

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The Bottom Line

The Planet Express ship was built by a Reddit player concerning the cartoon Futurama.

In addition, the ship is famous for its green appearance and the vehicle of Leela, Fry, and Bender of Futurama.

You will need many parts for the build of the ship.

Additionally, you can build and customize the ship according to your preference.

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